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houses for sale in OMR - What everyone should know while sharing a rented house ?

What everyone should know while sharing a rented house?

In a city like Chennai, most students and young career starters rent out apartments together as the apartments feel more spacious than regular hostel accommodations. There are thousands of students who graduate every year and fly over from various cities and settle in Chennai for employment. Particularly, OMR is a well-known IT-expressway of Chennai where a lot of MNC and Non-MNC companies opening gateways for talented young professionals. Due to the establishments of a plethora of companies in and around the locale, most reputed real estate developers have set up small apartments and also there are certain 2 BHK flats in OMR locale those the young professionals can take huge advantage of. Although renting out these apartments might seem economical, but staying together in the house with the roommate is never as easy as it looks. For this, there are a few convincing Do’s and Don’ts for sharing a rented house.

Staying together in a rented house or apartment is a very common practice and gaining popularity lately, whereas there would be two or three people using the number of rooms accessible in the house while living together. Obviously, there are certain advantages in following this course.

The expenditure is reduced extensively

1. One huge advantage of staying together by sharing the rented out houses is that you get to live near to your office which is in the central part of the locale.

2. You get to share equally with the rent, security deposit, and all the essentials such as electricity bills, water bills and so on. This actually means your regular expenditure is reduced dramatically.

3. Sometimes, you can yet open a common bank account to give their corresponding shares on a monthly basis.

4. If a person chooses to leave, then you get to share the rent equally or include a new roommate and return the deposit amount to the person leaving.

All these common things would work really well and goes on a smooth road. Also, the landlords in the cities prefer to rent out their second apartments or individual houses to group accommodation as they get higher rental incomes.

Keep these things in mind while sharing a rented house

As the rents are high in the cities, it is really a wise idea to share a rented house as it reduces regular expenditure and it is safe to live in groups than living alone. For women, it is a wiser option to rent out apartments or individual houses for sale in OMR, Chennai as you can notice landlords live on either ground floors or topmost floor of the property. So this has become an ideal option for most young female professionals in the metro cities. While living in groups, open up with your roommates in case you happen to have any issues, even it is small speak out. Sometimes, talking no more about the issues would solve the problem by itself over time.

The formal procedures and legal agreements for shared accommodations

Most times, on the rental agreements, some homeowners insist on having all the tenants’ names mentioned. Sometimes, other tenants prefer to have one tenant’s name and who is likely to hold responsibility for his flatmates or roommates. But, remember, it is always better and wiser to have all the names of the tenants on the agreement not only yours. Leave it to your homeowner to deal with the monthly rents individually. Or you’d be in trouble each month while paying rent if the agreement has got only your name mentioned. Rules are for everyone and if there has an agreement, it must abide by all the rules and regulations.