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Oct 16

Cleaning Tips for Home Which You’re Forgetting

Cleaning one’s home with vacuum, by wiping it and removing the dirt has a tendency to be a list of a similar chore on a redo. Yet, while you’re caught up with wiping down that same table for the fiftieth time, things you never thought to wash are under full attack by germs and clean vermin. “I imagine that many individuals in my gated community villas in OMR have a normal turn of things they clean in their home, however, you have a tendency to get stuck.Here we will examine about the most ignored family household things inside our home:


It may not appear like they get unpleasantly grimy, but rather they get a ton of family unit dirt, dust, and dander. What’s more, in the event that you have a wood-consuming fireplace, that can cause a considerable measure of development. The most effective method to clean them: If your window ornaments are made of cloth or silk with entangled specifying, make a beeline for the laundry. In any case, straightforward cotton ones with grommets can go straight in the clothes washing machine. I jump at the chance to hang dry to avoid wrinkles.

Throw Pillows

You know those toss cushions you lay your head on while gorging on television channels. They’re veritable clean bombs. Yet, it’s not quite recently the cover that essential cleaning; the embed is the place tidy vermin aggregate. Step by step instructions to clean them: Vacuuming toss cushions can remove up all the dust, however, feather inserts are more bearable than synthetics to wash. Out of the blue, embeds made of quills are significantly more decent of washing than synthetics. A while later, place them in the dryer on a low warmth cycle so you don’t harm the texture.

Open air furniture

Periodic climatic changes imply more upkeep, especially if the pieces are wood. Notwithstanding the routine dust cleaning and bug catching net, they can chip and assemble dust in the wake of going unused for two or three months.

The most effective method to clean them: Use a ready-made homemade mixture of vinegar and water to scour wooden pieces before you oil them. On the off chance that you have upholstered furniture, wipe it down with a wet cloth toward the start and end of the season.

Toss covers

A great many people cushion their pads and throw in the towel. However, that blanket you wrap over the lounge chair for cozy nights? It’s likely dingy—especially on the off chance that you have pets.

Instructions to clean them: Toss them in the washing machine. On the off chance that they have tufts, utilize chilly water on a sensitive cycle.

Shower mats

The feet and shoes of each individual that strolls into your restroom interact with your shower mat, yet more often than not they’re left in the unwashed chasm.

The most effective method to clean them: Throw the mats in the clothes washer every couple of weeks, or if nothing else once every month. On the off chance that it has an elastic sponsorship to abstain from slipping, maintain a strategic distance from the dryer and simply wrap it over a railing or clothesline.


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Sep 26

How to Create Wall Texture for a Dreamy Bedroom

Forget about using those dull paint swatches and replace them for some fine-looking and appealing textures. You can utilize diverse surfaces to control your room’s profundity, by playing with light and shadows and make a one of a kind air. Regardless of whether you need to pull out all the stops or pick a more inconspicuous surface, one thing’s without a doubt: Your room will look astounding. Come let’s observe.

Go big for your home

If you want to attain a sensational and intensive look in your room, you can plump for some textured wall panels. They are sold in sheets that can be effectively attached to the wall and painted over. You can likewise discover officially painted sheets or leave them white for a gentler look. Wall panels look great if you want to make big alterations in your room without reaching for a new furniture or are great if you want to make a big change in your room without getting new furniture or altering the architectural design of the room. There are different varieties of wall textures which you can choose from, such as stone, brick or geometric 3D patterns.

Utilization of your upholstery

Just in case if you want to create a new bedroom that makes you will feel soft and warm, try textile covering. Adding texture to your place is always a nice option so it’s better to use it on walls. You can use different you have different varieties of resources and colors, and you will always end up creating a unique space. The room should look comfortable so that it makes you spend some more time in your bed, you can significantly upholster a piece of the roof. This will make a cover environment essential for a comfortable room.

Transform your walls into craftsmanship pieces

In case if you are an admirer of art, we have an ideal answer for you. You can paint paintings, designs on your walls. This is an old method that includes painting sensible pictures to make a hallucination of the surface. With it, you can include some show, profundity, and character to space and accomplish a stunning impact. You can contract craftsman or different experts who can transform your walls into fine art. There are even ready made of paintings you can go for in case if you are not prepared to have your walls for all time painted. Regardless of what method you pick, the outcomes will stun.

Industrial look

To accomplish this exceptionally urban and well-known look, you can go for openings in concrete, damaged blocks, and support pillars. Everyone of these materials with trademark surfaces will transform your room into a cutting edge and popular space. You can utilize various types of lighting to complement highlights or utilize paint to make one of the kind proclamations.

Faux finish and texture paint

If you want to implement textures that are more subtle in your bedroom, you can opt for a so-called faux finish. This effect can be achieved by using different colors, glazes, and highlights to create an illusion of texture on a flat wall. You can use a faux finish on accent walls to add depth or paint the whole room for a more uniformed look. On the other hand, if you want something more prominent, you can opt for a texture paint coating. You can achieve many different levels of texture with this type of paint.

On the off chance that you need to actualize surfaces that are more inconspicuous in your room, you can pick an alleged false wrap up. This impact can be accomplished by utilizing distinctive hues, coatings, and features to make a hallucination of the surface on a flat wall. You can utilize faux finish on emphasize walls to include insight or paint the entire space for a more formally uniform look. Then again, if you need something more conspicuous, you can choose a surface paint covering. You can accomplish wide range levels of the surface with this type of paint.

On with the greenery

For a more natural look, you can use different varieties of wood on your walls. Wood is a great option if you want to create a warm atmosphere with subtle textures or if you want to create a minimalist space. Be careful when choosing the type of wood, though, because too many different wood types can make the room seem chaotic.

All in all, if you want your walls to come to life, definitely go for textures. No matter the design or style you choose, your bedroom will be completely transformed into a unique and stylish space.

For a more characteristic look, you can utilize subtle textures of wood on your walls. Wood is an extraordinary choice to make a warm climate with modest surfaces or if you need to make a moderate space. Be watchful while picking the sort of wood, however, on the grounds that excessively numerous diverse wood types can influence the space to appear chaotic.

With everything taken into account, by chance if you need your walls to become animated, certainly, go for wall surfaces. Regardless of the outline or style you pick, your room will be totally changed into a one of a kind and stylish space. I hope you might follow these tips in my villa in OMR which converted my room into an awesome place to live in.



Sep 23

How to Get Natural Sunlight in Your House

Bringing Natural light to your home will produce numerous health benefits, plus it will save you money on electricity bills and in general it creates a better visual inside your house or belongings so that you can avoid those artificial lights in your bedrooms. Subsequently, by bringing most of the natural light can change the effect of your home, by making it a healthier place to live, but also increases the worth of your property too.

Some of the Health Benefits associated with natural light are:

•    Increase in Serotonin Level ( a natural antidepressant )

•    Improved good night sleep

•    Improved Blood Circulation

•    Increased vitamin D levels ( essential for healthy bones )

These are several health benefits which could tell about your better quality of life in general. By being aware of the end result of these benefits, many constructors, employers, and property buyers are focusing on different ways to increase the natural light content which adds numerous benefits. This practice is also called as ‘day-lighting’ as it increases the amount of daylight inflowing inside your home so as to reduce your electricity bills and receives natural health benefits from them.

Utilizing natural light is always a sensible solution to avoid heavy lighting and heating bills, and bringing efficient natural light sources in your home are the gradually most important thing that every buyer should follow. You can notice that many newly constructed homes now are coming up with big windows or will notice that many newly built properties now feature larger windows and casements to take gain benefits of chances to use natural light all over the home.

Here are some habits which can help you amplify natural light in your house:

1.Casements: By fixing flat roof casements is so far the best solution of increasing natural vividness inside your property. Flat roof skylights can fill your room with natural light.  This is a mostly one of the constructive method for expansions, and in darker places like narrow hallways and restrooms.

2. Interior Doors: Bi-folding doors are a great feature which is generally installed inside Kitchens and Living Rooms, by letting a little bit of the outside in.  Bi-Folding doors generally cover a huge area of space, and you can fit them to nearly using up space across the entire wall, by letting in lots of natural light.

3. Make use of sloped ceilings and roofs:  The practical way of directing natural light into your property is to have sloped ceilings. Slopes facing away from the designed area where doors and windows are placed improves surface brightness, so they can help direct more light into the room.In order to optimize lighting during the daytime, you can install skylight windows into sloped roofs which are great for roof space conversions and attic rooms.

4. Indication: It’s better to carefully plan the places for letting in natural light inside your property to make a huge difference in dark places. Carefully place the mirrors in right place to get a good reflection of light back to your room even shiny tiles have a similar effect. On the other hand, it’s better to avoid direct passing of light to the rooms as this can cause irritation and can pose some health issues like overheating, glare etc.Instead, you can beautify using specific selected colors like white, and pastel colors like pink, mauve and baby blue which absorb less light naturally in flowing the room by more or less making it spring back off the surface and lighten up space.

4. Bay Windows: Installing bay windows is one of the best effective methods which increase the natural light entering into a property, and this is well achieved through the fitting up rooftop bay windows. Rooftop Bay windows allow more daylight to enter the property when it is placed, without showing too much brightness. Roof Top windows are easy to install in rooms and spaces where a regular window would be difficult to install e.g. basement conversions, exterior walls with an obstructed view. At the same time, creating more natural light in a property has no end benefits, and can even add to the design of your property.  Think carefully about what you want to achieve with natural light in a particular space, and then consider the best option from there. Humming Gardens independent villas in OMR is constructed in such a way that you can get natural light and good ventilation inside your home which actually saves your utility bills.

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Sep 20

New Add-On to Include While Constructing a Villa in OMR

While constructing a new house or villa in OMR for yourself you will get an awesome opportunity to modify or include whatever you want. It is generally easy to add anything or make any modifications inside your home according to your taste instead of waiting till renovation until it is complete and performing a renovation. In order to save your money, it is better to add features to the home during the construction process. If you are committed to building your home have an idea about what features to add and consider adding them now.

Built-In Storage

It is easier to add built-in storage like cabinets, closets and under-stair systems which are easier to add when the home is being built. If you immediately select a new apartment which is more spacious than your old ones, you won’t think about needing extra storage outside of what it has, but someday you might want it. It’s better to add pull-out bays under the stairs, shelving in the garage, or closets in unused corners during the construction process.

Built-In Technology

In this modern life, technology is an essential part which is included in everyone’s life. From voice control for your lighting and Heating and cooling systems to add wiring inside your home for WiFi, you can try to add these features in your design plan. It’s better to run wiring right from the start so that you can enjoy the moment you enter into your home. You shall consider this for your home entertainment also. Make room for your television and run the cable wiring or DTH service before you need them, rather than waiting for a technician to install it. Add cable duct throughout the house so that it is easy to hook up everything when you move in. Also, ensure whether you have WiFi range on every side of your room.

Radiant Heat

It’s not a better idea to wake up and step on a warm floor as radiant heating makes it possible. Also, it is better to use radiant heating rather than using other heating options as it is energy efficient and it’s pretty cheap too. If you install it after your construction work, you may have to redo your work which leads to double the cost of installation.

Electric Vehicle Outlet

It’s better to have an electrical vehicle inside your home as who knows what type of technology will come in future, maybe you may need one in future. Adding a high-amperage outlet in the garage now during the building process means you can make the switch if you want. It also means you can sell your home to someone with an electric vehicle in the future.

Features for Your Pet

Built-in pet beds, doggie doors, food stations and even kennels in your garage can all be added during the building process and worked into the overall design of the house, instead of looking for an add-on after the construction work is done.

Earth-Friendly Designs

Have you been considering solar panels, or are you looking to add reduced-flow water faucets? Whether it may be small or large, energy-efficient, earth-friendly design features can improve the environment of your home, and reduce your electricity bills at the same time. To count on choosing Eco-friendly paint and flooring options, consider using features that will make your home more efficient. Some of these features, like low-flow toilets, should be automatic. If you want to install a toilet and a shower top, so why not choose Eco-friendly options instead of standard normal ones?

Central Vacuum

Nothing’s quite as convenient as having a vacuum already installed in your home. With a central vacuum, you’ll never have to fumble with getting the vacuum out when you need to clean your space. By totting up a central vacuum when you construct, you can put it in the apt location, centrally located with the motor in a quiet, hidden spot in the home that will not separate you from the delight of your home.

You chose to build instead of buy so that you could personalize your home. It’s better to take some time to add all the features you could probably want in the future and put in them now. You will be happy you did as you enjoy in your home that has everything you need, and few things that you want, without thinking about your future remodeling hanging over your head.