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Oct 6

Few Conditions for NRI to buy a Residential Property in Chennai

Chennai is a place that is well known for wide range of opportunities, a place where there is development, and a land where what’s to come is. These days a few property expos occur in real urban communities over the world exhibiting the different properties wherein NRIs can contribute their well-deserved cash. Be that as it may, before you put resources into any property do experience the agenda beneath to guarantee that you are not managing corrupt property merchants.

Agenda before purchasing property in Chennai

• Property Sort
• Dealer
• Documentation required
• Taxation laws
• Costs
• Power of lawyer
• Legal Aid

Property sort

NRIs are not permitted to buy rural land, any ranches or homestead houses without RBI consent. The main property they can purchase is steadfast property. Henceforth, it is vital that NRIs guarantee that in the event that they are purchasing land, at that point it isn’t horticultural land or it will be considered illicit. There are few lands for sale in chennai which can be purchased just in Indian money.

Genuinity of the dealer

As per the Foreign Exchange Management Act, NRIs can purchase property just from a dealer or an engineer perceived by the Government of India. It is the obligation of the purchaser to do a personal investigation on the vendor, their past activities, track record regarding venture conveyance, legitimate history, and their general notorieties; It is fundamental that NRIs guarantee that the engineer or the dealer has full and lawful possession on the property and there is no lawful debate including the property or land.

What are the fundamental records that the dealer should create before the deal

Every money related exchange in India require the Personal Account Number (PAN) and NRIs too ought to have a PAN card. It is perfect to have an NRI account in a nearby bank to guarantee smooth money related exchanges. This will likewise guarantee that there is straightforwardness in all dealings and there is an appropriate record of all exchanges. On the off chance that the individual holds Indian Passport, at that point he or she is qualified for an interest in Indian Real Estate.

Tax collection

Any pay that NRIs make in India is liable to tax collection under the Income Tax Act of India. This is unique in relation to the NRIs abroad wage. When you lease your property in India, at that point all NRIs need to pay a charge on the rentals they gather independent of the rental esteem. This is appropriate to all who procure any kind of wage in India despite the pay piece.

Additional expenses

If there should be an occurrence of loft, additional costs like upkeep expense, power charges, and water charge property charges are available. They need to guarantee that all installments are up and coming.


As they live outside, NRIs have a decision to offer PoA to their friends or relatives to complete the property purchase process in India.

Legal Assistance

It is fitting to search for legal help to ensure that each legitimate point is secured. By basically following several standards NRIs enthused about placing assets into India can have a home of their choice in their country.


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Gst Impact On New Homes In Chennai

Jul 6

Gst Impact On New Homes In Chennai

GST subsumes over 16 major central and state taxes including excise duty, value-added tax (VAT) and service tax into one consolidated tax. Has the property price come down now? Who gets the benefit of GST? Is it you, the buyer, or the seller that gains from GST?

The Government has included an anti-profiteering clause in GST law. The law makes it mandatory to pass on the tax reduction benefit to the customer.

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