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Jul 18

What Makes Luxury Villas And Apartments In Chennai Different From The Regular Ones?

We cannot answer that question without answering what “luxury” and “regular” mean. What is your understanding of “luxury”? The word denotes “something that is not essential but provides pleasure and comfort”. It also means “something that is desirable but expensive or hard to obtain or do”. Luxury is considered an indulgence rather than a necessity. It denotes the state of being in which you have plentiful supply of material goods, comforts and pleasures that are beyond the reach of most people in general.

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Villas in Chennai

Jun 30

Luxury Villas And Apartments In Chennai For Sale

If you are looking for regular villas in Chennai, there are many on offer. If you are looking for regular apartments in Chennai, there are many on offer too. However, if luxury villas and luxury apartments worth your hard earned money is what you are looking for, there are only a handful to choose from.

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DTCP Approved Plots for Sale in Chennai

Jun 21

DTCP Approved Plots For Sale In Chennai

Want to buy a residential plot in Chennai? First and foremost, you must, then, ascertain that the property is DTCP approved.
A plot refers to an area of land an authorized authority designates for building house. It can come independently or in a layout. A layout represents a development of a cluster of plots in a lot with clearly defined borders, interconnecting roads, sewers, septic tank, water tank, storm water management system and greenways.

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