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Sep 16

How to Find a Right Apartment at Affordable Price

When you are on a search for an apartment, lot of things comes to your mind like location, neighborhood, amenities, quality and features, and one of the most important goals: an apartment with reasonable price. But how to find the best apartment at an affordable price? It’s better to ask for payment break up to know what costs them for setting the price of a unit. Even the same units could be priced differently in the same building. Gain knowledge of these ins and outs, so that you can figure out how to land on an affordable apartment.


When it comes to real estate, location is the first thing that comes to mind to remain true in an apartment complex. There are two factors which have a major impact on price.

Mainly stairs have a major impact as this can be a selling point because they are heavily used all day and night and may be less expensive. If not, it may be more, for a couple of reasons.

1. The end unit is likely to be less noisy from the outside.

2. You have one ‘free wall’ which you don’t share with any neighbours.

The secondary thing is view as this can be a major factor when determining the price. An apartment with a view of the lake, lagoon or garden typically has more demand than those with a view of the garage. When thinking about the view, consider:

1. Which story is the unit on? Higher often it is, offers a better view.

2. What side of the building is the unit facing?


When you walk into an apartment, how well it is? Is there recessed lighting equipped with dimmer switches or regular ceiling lights? How many windows are there to let in sunlight? The lighting in the home can make the unit bright and invite or like a cave. This is a determining factor in the price. If you’re willing to make concessions, you can possibly save on the rent.


Recent customization will generally demand a higher price tag, so if you see a project that’s underway, and you want to save cash, ask for a unit that hasn’t been renovated yet. Forgo the energy-efficient windows or impressive closet.

Motivated Managers:

Property managers want to get those empty units rented. Sometimes, they have some wiggle room to get the job done. So, if you know you can live in a less desirable unit, you always have the option of asking if the price is negotiable.  Know what the neighboring complexes are charging; this can also help you make your case. When I was in a search for a flat in pallavaram , these are the tips helped me a lot in finding the right one, hope this helps.


Jul 26

Chennai’s Urban Housing Sector – An Overview

Half of humanity today lives in cities. Chennai, currently with over 8.5 Million people is one of them. India’s fourth largest city after Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, Chennai has been phenomenally growing as a hub of sectors such as manufacturing, retail, healthcare and IT sectors in the main, in the last 2 decades. Chennai remains a city with great potential for industrial growth, economic feasibilities, quality infrastructure and Governments committed to promoting trade and commerce. Chennai continues to attract people from different parts of the

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Real Estate Developers In Chennai

Jul 4

Real Estate Developers In Chennai

There are over 2000 odd real estate developers in Chennai. Alliance stands in the forefront of the leading few of those professionally run credible companies in Chennai. With over a decade in the domain, Alliance remains a leader in the space with a range of real estate offerings including luxury apartments, premium apartments and architecture-designed plots (plotted developments) in and around Chennai. Alliance properties come with the promise of assured appreciation to both investors and end-users. Question, then, is what makes them distinct?

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Buying a Villa in Chennai

Jun 15

Things to Consider Before Buying a Villa in Chennai

Villa; an aristocratic residential concept that originated in ancient Rome, has come a long way since its advent. Villas used to be Roman upper-class country houses. Today, “Villa” refers to independent luxury houses in spacious sub-urban zones. Untouched pockets of land in the outskirts make perfect locale for Villa living. With steadily swelling urban population, urban development in most of India has inevitably been expanding to suburban pockets of land.

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