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Jul 18

What Makes Luxury Villas And Apartments In Chennai Different From The Regular Ones?

We cannot answer that question without answering what “luxury” and “regular” mean. What is your understanding of “luxury”? The word denotes “something that is not essential but provides pleasure and comfort”. It also means “something that is desirable but expensive or hard to obtain or do”. Luxury is considered an indulgence rather than a necessity. It denotes the state of being in which you have plentiful supply of material goods, comforts and pleasures that are beyond the reach of most people in general.

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luxury villas in omr

Jul 12

Villas, Apartments Or Plots In Chennai? What Would You Go For?

If you are like Ratheesh, a self-employed, young IT professional, you would opt for a Villa on OMR, in Chennai’s IT corridor. However, if you are like Vidhya, a young Microbiologist with an MNC in Chennai, you would want to own a luxury Apartment in Chennai in a prime location like Pallavaram or Padi, near Anna Nagar. So, what is the difference?

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Gst Impact On New Homes In Chennai

Jul 6

Gst Impact On New Homes In Chennai

GST subsumes over 16 major central and state taxes including excise duty, value-added tax (VAT) and service tax into one consolidated tax. Has the property price come down now? Who gets the benefit of GST? Is it you, the buyer, or the seller that gains from GST?

The Government has included an anti-profiteering clause in GST law. The law makes it mandatory to pass on the tax reduction benefit to the customer.

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Nov 29


Alliance infrastructure projects Pvt. Ltd, a dynamic real estate company in South India, enjoys a strong presence in Chennai with over 5 ongoing projects. In addition to that, Alliance Builders Chennai offers a gated community of Villas coming up near Electronic City, Bangalore and a plotted development in Mysore.

Alliance offers properties including villas, apartments and plots in Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

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