Feb 26

Apartments in OMR - No More Mistakes with calculating Carpet Area after RERA

No More Mistakes with calculating Carpet Area after RERA

We all had gone through the experience of seeing one and buying one when it comes to purchasing a property. What we truly get toward the end of the procedure isn’t what we see by any means. Most individuals who buy apartments and individual houses have faced these problems in one or the other way. But now, RERA has come to rescue from all these trust issues faced by so many buyers and investors. RERA which is in act presently things are changing in the real estate market, which is bringing in the positivity and trust between home buyers and the developers. By the new implementation of RERA by the government lately to enhance transparency by promoting the properties such as the apartments, villas, and other row houses with their correct measures for calculating carpet area.

Generally, the area of any property is calculated by three ways

1. Carpet area

2. Built-up area

3. Super built-up area

Calculating Carpet area:

The carpet area is simply the usable area of a house where the area only inside the inner wall is taken into account.

Calculating Built-up area:

The built-up area is the carpet area and the balcony area which also includes the outer walls and the ducts as well.

Calculating Super built-up area:

The super built-up area includes both the carpet area, the built-up area and other common areas like the shares stairs of the building, the lobby area, corridors and also the canopy like roof-top shelter. Usually, the super built-up area is probably 25% more than the carpet area.

As a regular homebuyer might not be aware of these terms like the carpet area, built-up area and the super built-up area, there had a situation where developers might mislead the home buyers when buying the property. Presently, this scenario happened to change as all the developers are ought to promote the property with absolute carpet area uncovered.

The impact of the mandatory disclosing the carpet area

As the investors flocking towards the major investing areas in Chennai to buy Apartments in OMR and Villas for sale in OMR, ECR, Pallavaram, and other cities buyers will now find easy to understand the exact area measurements of the flat and likely to receive what they see.

1. The former practice of including the balcony, canopy, terrace and verandas, the flower beds, the vacant spaces within the carpet area by the unprincipled developers is now coming to an end. This means the developers ought to disclose the real measurements of the carpet area to the buyers.

2. Sometimes, the corner villas or apartments placed might have some advantages and disadvantages in the position where usually to get more or less in calculating the carpet area. There is a difference between these two as well. The apartments having less carpet area are sold with discounts, and the apartments having more carpet area are sold for a premium price. Usually, these data are unclear in the measurements of the super built-up area. These misleading scenarios are rectified by the RERA implementation  lately.

3. Better and well-thought-out plans and designs with efficiency would become a fundamental part of the buying process. Earlier the common space is used more and with different carpet areas. But now, the design with absolute carpet area for reasonable prices has become essential for all home buyers.