Mar 22

Flats in Chennai - kitchen design errors to avoid

Kitchen design errors!!! You should avoid

When designing a kitchen, dwellers usually focus on design and functionality. While a perfectly planned design may seem incredibly appealing, but being functional during cooking, eating, and cleaning is equally important for a flawlessly ideal kitchen. The kitchen is just not a place for making a tasty meal; it is more than just cooking. Although design and functionality are mutually exclusive elements, trying to add a bit of both would make the kitchen a better part of any abode. In spite of where you live, is it Independent villas in OMR or any flats in Chennai, there are certain common kitchen design errors which you should avoid for the most part.

1. Too much of open shelving does not work all the time

Open shelving sounds great for most of the time. But truth to be said, it is not fairly gorgeous looking if you display all your favourite mugs and generic items. Be realistic while planning out the shelf arrangements. Take out all your good looking items front and display it in the center of the shelve. If you have glass shelving storage, then display the expensive items because the glass prevents it from falling and breaking. Also, hide the ugly looking items behind these or the closed-door cabinets.

2. Avoid too much of stainless steel and mix the door types

It is completely natural to purchase stainless chrome finishing pieces of equipment like the fridge, microwave, or dishwasher. But having everything in steel doesn’t look homey. Why do you want to still stick with chrome? Mixing all types can be authentic and highly logical. Having everything in stainless steel looks more planned. So mix it up, mixing doesn’t mean it should be shabby, make it look practical and neat.

3. Not allocating a proper space for the large appliances

An ideal kitchen must be designed in such a way that there is enough space for all benchtop appliances. Ensure you measure up all the large appliances so that the designer plans out the layout to store all the equipment in one place. Moreover, you should take something into account that not everything should be displayed on the top.

4. Give space for fridge doors to swing in and out

Most of the kitchens have fridge right against the wall. The problem with this comes while opening the fridge door. The disadvantage of placing it this way only allows the door to open 90 degrees. The worst case is that you might get the handle hitting the wall every time you open it.

To avoid this, you can keep a tall cabinet between the wall and the fridge. This could be the best solution for placing the fridge practically so far.

5. Failing to have proper lighting

In addition to the common lighting, you’ll need lighting for each work you do so you can see what you are doing without difficulty. Also, consider introducing pendant lights over the island and also underneath the upper cupboards to give your countertops a lot of light. It is not compulsory to have individual lightings for every task you do; you will likewise need the kitchen feel more energetic and vibrant than looking dim and melancholy. This is only recommended only if you are a person who spends a lot of time in the kitchen.

6. Paying too much attention to only current design trends

It is a good practice to check out the currently trending kitchen ideas to get a few brilliant ideas for making your kitchen stylish. But design is not the only motto here. Doing so can result in a design which would be outdated in a couple of years. Being functional can be logical and useful for longer than you think. Better you think the evergreen ideas in which the design will not be the only element to focus on. Functionality with wonderful design can bring you the really comfortable experience of having an incredible cooking experience. Bring out the best of functional and efficient culinary space in your home.