Jan 30

Flats in Chennai - Is it safe to live in a Gated Community

Is it safe to live in a gated community?

Gated community living has become more and more affordable these days. The fact that gated communities are only for the rich has wiped out by the developers who are providing affordable housing segments in gated communities. Besides the pros and cons of this living type, the gated community houses are gaining more popularity among home buyers.

The thing which first pops into our mind is the safety, privacy and away from the hustle bustle life out on the city roads. This is why most gated communities emerge in the outskirts and far away from the main roads. But yet, these regions in Chennai have been developing at a fast pace lately. There still exists the uncertainty of owning a property on the outskirts in most people’s hearts. Truth to be said, owning gated community villas and apartments in the outskirts increases the value of the property if the developments are done at a constant rate in the region. All those things aside, there are still some home buyers who are in a dilemma of choosing between gated communities and open communities. Here are some clear expressions of gated community living.

Why do people buy houses (property) in gated communities?

The only reason why buyers choose gated community is the safety it provides. Though the amenities are not cheaper, people consider these communities for the element of safety. The most powerful element “safety” attracts buyers to choose gated communities over open communities. Accessing these communities isn’t much easier as they are protected with tall gates, a life guard, and security alarms and well-equipped.

Are gated communities noise-free?

Yes, certainly. As most big communities are developed on the outskirts, it is very much far away from the regular hustling life. Though you ought to head out for work into the traffic, dwelling in such communities is a pleasant-invitation for a noise-free environ. In Chennai, most gated community villas in OMR, Porur, ECR, and other regions are built on the outskirts and little far away from the main roads. This provides the dwellers to have an exemplary lifestyle with pollution and noise-free environment.

How is the cost of living in gated communities?

The safety and noise-free things aside, the other side of the coin is the cost of living. Generally, gated community apartments are quite expensive compared to the conventional public housing type. The amenities are not cheaper as everything is available in the community itself. The going-out scenario is lessening day by day in the community as laundry to the cafe to pharmaceuticals is available within the gated community. This is why the gated community housing units are not cheaper. It is not entirely costly. The cost varies from the amenities which the developer offers.

Do I feel isolated in the Gated community?

The privacy and strict security which some gated communities offer might sometimes feel you are isolated from the rest of the world outside. The know-it-all security system in communities might have you disconnected with the world outside the fence. But this can be fixed to establish security measures only for in and out visitors. And the rest of the community inside is taken care by usual strategies like security alerts and the rest. There is no need to feel isolated or paranoia if the security element is set up to needed-level.

Which type of housing should I choose?

If you opt for a gated community, then get to know what type of secured system they offer. What type of neighborhood and security measures they provide for the dwellers. Merely having a tall fence doesn’t mean you are safe. Having an unbreakable safety element and peaceful green environ is what that will do justice to the amount you invest in. For example, if you plan to buy a house in OMR, then know what they offer and get to know the neighborhood and crime rates. Or else it looks like living in any other flats in OMR than living in gated community.

Dwelling in gated communities will have certain pros and cons, besides it is all up to you to choose what type of gated community to choose.