Oct 12

flats in chennai - How to choose the right colour for every room in your Home?

How to choose the right colour for every room in your Home?

Have you ever noticed the paintings in your friend’s home? Do you like it? Do you know why they make those choices? Let’s discuss choosing the right colours for your home.

The colour which you choose to paint your rooms, not only looks good and it also shows the level of comfort. Actually, there is a psychology behind this colours and you’ll realize it after reading this entire thing! Are you ready to do that? Choosing the right colour is very important for a home. Find the list of basic colours and know what they give away when you paint it in your home like a professional.

The varying levels of colour show the levels of richness.

1. Purple

This colour accounted for spirituality and prosperity and it is a  stylish choice. This colour encourages the issues that are hard to conclude. Adding this to your room will evoke compassion and humanity.

2. Pink

Pink is every girl’s favourite as you know and it represents love and understanding. It suits well with blacks and grays. This colour can be used in the entrance as they suggest movement, but it should be used for smaller spaces.

3. Red

Red acts as a stimulator; a stimulator of appetite, conversation, etc. So, it is best to save the reds for the kitchen and dining rooms, but to add flair and depth to your bedroom, one wall can be highlighted with a deep red to make it stand out.

4. Orange

This colour promotes happiness and it indicates emotional strength and optimism. It is the best choice for a  living room. Even it can be used in the kids’ room as it aids in creativity. But, sadly this is the most underated colours.

5. Yellow/Gold

Yellow symbolizes the vibrancy and this colour also helps to stimulate health, wisdom, and patience and this helps in mood enhancements. Please avoid using bright yellow since it stimulates the nerves.

6. Green

This colour is used for a new start and growth. It basically encourages rejuvenation and improves concentration. It goes well with bedroom, kitchen and study room.

7. Blue

Blue colour has always possessed relaxing effects on people and it helps to reduce the blood pressure. It is the best choice for family rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

8. Black

Black is a colour acts as an essence to many colours and provides a good reflection to a room. It is very elegant but it has the magnetic attraction.

9. Gray

The Gray shows helpfulness and it is a calming colour and it creates a perception of enchantment and mysticism.

10. White

White colour provides clarity and is normally used in kitchens and living rooms. It works almost in every room, It works as a nice background for black furniture.

11. Brown

Brown colour offers security. It is generally used to highlight other colours and it adds an elegant and warm feel to a room. It will be a good choice for dining room.

Choosing the right colours will create a good look and even emotions. The paint makes a big difference in the perception and that will be the one you will see all year long but it should be pleasing.

… And don’t forget!

Hope you got an idea to choose the right colour for every room in your home, this will help in an easy decision-making process. And there are many flats for sale where you can customize and paint based on your choices. Buy a one and enjoy living. Paint your walls right now!