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Oct 28

Few Tips on How to Find Right Locale for You Kids

Moving from one place to another place is unpleasant and in the meantime a euphoric change in many occasions. If you are looking it for children, there are many facts to check out for which gets large immediately.

The area that you are in will have major effect in the kid’s life relying upon his or her age. While young child look for more play times in and out of the locale and elder ones might look for little lesser and different choices.  Here are a few significant queries which you have to question yourself while searching for an area that is ideal for you and also for your kids.

Having Good Schools Nearby

Looking for a good school will be at high priority when you are searching for a new apartment in anna nagar. Reputed schools around the locality add more value to the area and the decision making becomes easier. Travelling time is an important point to consider before dwelling in. Ensure what type of transport system exists. Do you have to go along with your child or is there any school bus?

Children Available in that Area

Locality may vary according to the statistics which at the same time changes surroundings and amenities accordingly. So have a look around this area and search for yourself. If you find any flat in OMR or homes have an eye on children’s cycles, movement or toys. Check out if there is any playground or any children’s playground around.

Check for any child doctors nearby

Your child may get sick sometimes so it is better to have a child clinic near your home or at close proximity. Have a checklist on profile of doctors located in that area and check out the reviews of people.

Look in for neighbours.

When you are looking for a locale it’s a better idea to go to people’s house and chat with them. So it will be easy to judge what type of people will be living in that area and it’s easy for them to remember you in future if you chose that neighbourhood. So it would be easy for your kids to mingle with other kids of your neighbours and they can enjoy playing with them.

How secure you feel?

The most essential factors in which you can go for final decision is the level of security the area gives. Roads with enough light, activities around without being barren and not so noisy and round clock security around this area looks good for a family.

Check out whether the area is safe during daytime in terms of living, traffic rate and crime happenings in that locality and move out if there is any such negativity.

Checkout for amenities nearby

If your house is near bars which has lot of young people crowding there then that place will be not be so desirable for raising young children. Beside this, check out for any pizza corners, family eateries and ice cream shops in that locality so this place would be kid friendly locale to live in.


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Oct 27

Kelambakkam- Profitable Investment Hotspot in Chennai

Kelambakkam which is situated along OMR road is a well established profitable housing market followed by good connectivity, close proximity to IT sector companies and impending metro projects.

On other side some localities of South Chennai like Siruseri, Thoraipakkam, Navalur and Medavakkam has been a usual destination for residential investments as Kelambakkam is in full form and is emerging as a profitable real estate investment recently.

Where this locality is well known for its aesthetics and importance of religious places which are close to kovalam beach, this clearly tells that there is significant development in realty market. When you compare with neighbourhood areas this area has improved social infrastructure and reasonable price trends in the real estate market. Since there are many residential projects in this suburb there are different dwelling options all wage group people.

As there is great transformation in real estate market, many infrastructure projects like metro and expressway which are near Kelambakkam are likely to be constructed in their upcoming projects. Here we are going to discuss about real estate future and investment expectations in future.

Expansion of Commercial Areas

Kelambakkam has good access to IT companies like Infosys, Wipro, TCS and is situated few kilometres away from SIPCOT IT Park. Where there is easy availability of office spaces many small scale IT companies have occupied here. Since there is an increase in property demand housing supply has been increased. Since there is an increase in need of IT parks along this destination, area’s skyline has been entirely transformed. With gradual growth in commercial industries there is a huge burst in housing demand which draws builder’s attention. This area is coming up with many new launches of residential housing projects of variable price ranges.

Housing View

This locality is performing well specifically in these housing sectors. To tell perfectly commercial market alternately helps residential market to grow as many working professionals from high income to low income group which creates a demand for housing. As there are many apartments for sale in omr which are available at affordable price where any individuals can easily purchase. Villas in Kelambakkam are easily available near IT giants as many builders are constructing compact villas which are available at reasonable price range.

Good Connectivity

Kelambakkam has good access to micro markets in the city as it has good connectivity to State Highway and Kelambakkam-Covelong road. Smooth bus and train facilities are available via urapakkam railway station nearby.

Forthcoming metro rail project near IT corridor would thus reduce traffic issues and reduces travelling time.

Sound Transportation System

Since this locality has a wide range of infrastructural amenities such as educational hubs, hospitals and lot of entertainment hubs.

Future Growth

Kelambakkam is expected to have a huge changeover. As this area consists of lots of residential projects which are coming up with Cost effective trend this witness a great change in the market. Finally Kelambakkam has great potential to entice consumers in every walks of life for every housing requirements.



Oct 26

Reasons why you should invest in Oragadam

Many people want to invest their money and they think that real estate is not any more profitable investment. This is not true and real estate is the best form of investment and even if you invest smaller amounts, it will yield you good returns. People are confused and they do multiple checks before investing their money. People in Chennai want to invest their money in areas like Oragadam since it is an industrial area which is bound for expansion in the future and they have a question that investing in lakhs over there is worth? Don’t’ worry about that if you have already invested or if wish to invest in the near future, you’ve actually made a smart decision. Because Oragadam has got a huge potential now!

As you know, Oragadam is considered as the Auto hub of Chennai and there are many MNC companies like Ford,  BPCL, Motorola, Delphi TVS, Renault-Nissan, Flextronics, Dell, GE Bayer, Samsung, Nokia, Apollo Tyres, Essar Steel, JCBL Ltd, Silicons (India) Pvt Ltd and much more. And if you invest in Oragadam, you will have the prettiest large scope.

Is this the right time to invest in Oragadam?

Actually, this is the right time because Oragadam is considered as the fastest developing area and it has promised many government-funded development projects. Did you know? CMK Palaniswamy has laid the foundation stone for an Aerospace park in Tamilnadu and it is expected to draw Rs 1,000 crore as investment in just 5 years and it will create over 30,000 job opportunities for the people. The late Late Chief Minister Jayalalithaa had proposed the aerospace park a few years ago and now only they have laid the foundation and it created an ongoing push for industrialization in Tamilnadu.

This Aerospace is incorporated around 245 acres and the estimated cost is Rs 198 crore and it is implemented by the State Industries Promotion Corporation Ltd (SIPCOT) and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation Ltd (TIDCO). We can expect around 50 companies which are going to arrange and set up few units here and around 25000 persons will get benefited through this Aerospace park by creating employment opportunities. It is clear that the Tamilnadu government was keen on promoting this aerospace park.

Oragadam is becoming the heaven for all the real estate developers and promoters since it is considered as the best investment option for the people and the plots in Oragadam, are within the budget of middle-income earners. So, it is considered as the affordable investment option.

Why invest In Alliance Villa Belvedere?

Alliance group has launched a project called “Villa Belvedere” has world-class infrastructure.In this project, we provide luxurious plots and villas and it is actually located in the Oragadam- Sriperumbudur highway with a secure gated community which you’ll not find in any other project. It is accompanied by wide roads, landscaped garden, and tranquil atmosphere. It is a unique housing project in Oragadam which has world-class amenities like luxury clubhouse, Gymnasium, Amphitheatre, Swimming pool, Coffee shop, Party hall, barbeque corner, Jogging track, Children’s park and much more. This project is situated within the city limits and it has good connectivity and it is prominent to schools and colleges. Even many shopping destinations and reputed hospitals are coming up in this location.

With the new Aerospace park, which has laid a foundation, it created a demand for residential plots in Oragadam. There is a good option for you here is, you can buy as plots or even you will be free to build your own villa on your plot as you wish. It is clear that, if you make an investment in a Villa Belvedere, you will get appreciated faster and smarter than investing in any other. Villa Belvedere has DTCP approved plots in Chennai which come with clear titles and it is equipped with blacktop roads, Street lights, underground sewage and EB connection. So, this is the right time to invest in a plot in Chennai and there are only limited plots, Don’t miss out this wonderful opportunity!




Oct 26

Why should you have an Aquarium in Your Apartment?

Home is a place where you can find the real happiness and this is the best time to spend a quality time with your family and friends. Actually, your home should be full of positive vibrations, but there are times where you find something is wrong like there will be an argument, fight or even illness which makes your home like a hell. Many people living in various flats in Chennai will refer a Vastu consultant to resolve these issues and they think that this is one best way to solve the problems. Actually, you can solve this problem, by having an aquarium in your home. This not only solves your problem, but it will make your home more beautiful too! Some people will have the aquarium as a hobby, but the benefit what you get is beyond your thinking!

Benefits of having an aquarium at home

  • Having an aquarium in your home will derive financial benefits

  • It removes all the evil effects and increases the positive energy in your home

  • If you look at the aquarium, it relaxes your mind and your body

  • It absorbs all the negative energy in your home

  • It is believed that, when a fish dies, it sacrifices its life for the people in the home

  • Feeding food to a fish is a karma!

What should you do?

  • The fishes in the tank should be provided with proper food, sufficient oxygen, and lighting

  • You should always use only fresh water in an aquarium
  • The water in the tank should be replaced with 50% of old water, which you had before replacing

  • As per Vastu, It’s good to have 9 fishes, including a black fish

  • The temperature of the water needs to be checked

  • Clean the filters more often, it helps in maintaining PH

  • Have a timely feeding

What should you not do?

  • You should not change the water in the tank frequently since the bacteria in the water will help the fish survive

  • It’s always better to have a big tank and avoid round tanks since it provides lesser space for the fishes

  • Even overpopulating your tank will be a harmful thing

  • You should never do overfeeding, it pollutes the makes the fish die

  • Remove the ones which are sick because it will infect the others too

  • Avoid placing it in the kitchen or bedroom

  • Don’t allow everyone to feed the fishes

Having a healthy aquarium is actually very easy. Just you need to change the water once or twice a month. So, that your fishes will stay healthy and it makes your family too! If a fish dies without reasons just don’t worry, replace it with a new one and it is a belief that the bad elements are leaving your home. Keeping an aquarium in an apartment in Chennai will make your apartment look fresher and even beautiful. If you do all these, it will make you live with happiness, abundance & prosperity.