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Why do you need to link Aadhar Card and PAN Card?

Hope everyone filed your income tax return and did you link your Aadhaar with PAN Card? Not yet? The government has made it compulsory to link. Just do it as soon as possible otherwise, they will not process your income tax return. There is a deadline for making this linking process and if you didn’t do that, then your tax returns will not be processed by the tax department.

Here are the steps to link your Aadhaar card with PAN card:

  • Just log on to the income tax e-filing website
  • Click on the “Link Aadhaar” and visit that page
  • Fill in your Aadhaar number & PAN number
  • Fill in the details as provided in your card
  • Enter the captcha code and just click on  ‘Link Aadhaar’
  • After the verification, your Aadhar card will get linked with PAN card
  • Make sure that your  gender and date of birth should be same on both cards

And if you find any mismatch in the details provided on your card, an OTP will be generated and sent to your registered mobile number, and then it’s done. If there is a huge mismatch, then you need to make the changes in any one of the cards. It can be done even through SMS and it is again a very simple process.




Benefit of linking Aadhar card with PAN card: For Individuals

  • It helps in tax filing
  • And it helps to curb the black money
  • It helps in getting pension through the Employees’ Provident Fund
  • It helps to get LPG subsidies and to avail the benefit of the social schemes
  • The government wants to change everything as digitalized

Benefit of linking Aadhar card with PAN card: For the government

  • Through this Aadhar and PAN card linking, there is a less chance for an individual to have more than one PAN card
  •  It helps the Income Tax Department for detecting tax evasion
  • Easy organization of income tax returns
  • It helps to avoid cancellation of the PAN card
  • This provides summarized tax details with a unique identification number and this can be used by the government for future reference

These are the steps taken by the government in achieving economic growth in our country. This is why linking the PAN card with Aadhar card is really important. If you do this linking, the government can cut down the cash circulation and help the economy to get stronger. Help the government to eliminate the black money by linking your Aadhar card with PAN card!

How will home buyers get benefited in Income tax filing?

As you know, there is a benefit for the home buyers when they are filing their Income tax return. This is because buying a home will help you to lower your tax bill and it will cut down your interest and property tax portions of your mortgage payment.

Buying a home obviously benefits you and it’s a good time to buy a flat in Chennai. Considering all these in mind, book your dream home and avail all these benefits now!




Best Apartment In Chennai

Sep 16

How to Find an Ideal Neighborhood for You

Shifting to a new home is one of the most exciting memories of your life. It gives you the chance to beautify a new space to create reminiscences with loved ones and creates a fresh, new liveliness to your environs. However, when looking for a new place to shift, it’s not only to keep the physical quality of the apartment in mind but also the type of neighborhood. What’s the use of shifting if you are moving to your new home without liking its neighborhood?

 If you are planning to move to a new town, then try to know more about the neighborhood available nearby- what facilities they offer, what type of community is like, and know whether they afford easy access to. If you want to know more about your new neighborhoods? Please make a note of these five important factors and decide if this new area is the perfect place for you to get settled.

Price Range

Inquire about the price of the rent in the nearby locations in which you are considering. As you should have the capability to pay monthly rent and maintenance charges. Depending on the monthly rent, there will be good indicators of the cost of services and amenities in the neighborhood. If you are willing to choose a home at a low price near your neighborhood, but there are other rental homes that are much more expensive, so that there is a good chance that prices at stores and restaurants in the neighborhood might be on the higher end of things. Ensure that you can not only afford your rental, but also the neighborhood’s available capital.

Facilities and Attractions

The next important thing to look for in a neighborhood are the types of amenities and attractions. Most of the time you will be spending your time around your home, so make sure you are surrounded by You’ll likely be spending the most time at places around your home, so make sure you are surrounded by ample of activities! Think about what kind of places you like to spend the most time at. Do you like dining out? Are you a person that spends a lot of time outside in parks? Do you want to be located near top-notch schools or daycare? Make a list of important amenities to you, and then look for neighborhoods that closely meet those specifications.


Your work commute is a huge factor when choosing the right neighborhood. Think about how long it will take you to get to and from work, and how you will physically do that. Just think to live in a place that offers an acceptable traveling time and a simple way to get to and from where you need to go, whether by your own vehicle or public transportation. If you have friends or co-workers previously living in some of the forthcoming neighborhoods, find out if carpooling is a reliable option.


Where brokers can’t legally tell you how safe a neighborhood is, but it’s a key thing to keep in mind for an area that you want to describe home. You can find reports about wrong by geographic area online, and you might want to research different areas to make sure you will feel safe in your new neighborhood. You should also consider other safety measures that apply to your life – for example, whether a neighborhood has sidewalks, bike lanes, or a fire department nearby. Drive through a prospective neighborhood during the day and at night to get the feel of a local.

Home Size and Shape

Nearly every neighborhood has its own character and personality, and one of the important qualities that make up its personality is the size and shape of the homes within it. Are you looking to live in a high-rise building? A community of townhouses? A small apartment complex? Each neighborhood has its own character, and the types of available rental homes will reflect that.

Once you’ve considered the above factors, the next step in choosing the right neighborhoods is to research your new hometown and the available neighborhoods within it. By making a list of neighborhoods that definitely have the qualities you’re looking for and eliminating the neighborhoods that don’t, you can start with a much smaller selection of rental homes, ultimately increasing the chances that you’ll find just the perfect rental for you. If you are looking for such neighborhood you can find it in our flats in pallavaram. Do you have any expert tips for finding the right neighborhoods?


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Best Schools Near Your Villa in OMR

Because of rich greenness, best in class amenities, and greatly constructed offices, OMR is a standout among-st the most looked for after private regions in Chennai. Aside from these offices, one of the fundamental things that people who are moving to another area generally search for is great schools to enlist their children.

We have enlisted the best schools in OMR, which are near to the Humming Gardens Villas in OMR.

Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Millennium School

A Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) partnered school arranged in OMR, Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan is extraordinary compared to other schools in the city. Spread more than 2.5 sections of land; this school unites innovation and comprehensive ways to deal with conferring excellent education to every single student.

Abacus Montessori School

Abacus is a modern Montessori school. This school is an ideal place to begin your child’s schooling. With an intent to take an attempt at a change of scholastic self-direction, anxiety for the teenager, and a sound esteem structure, the school urges students to learn through the practical way of learning and self-discovery.

Jeppiaar International School

This school is maintained by the Jeppiaar Educational Trust, and it endeavors to accomplish greatness in instruction through seeing every single child and convey innovative instructing techniques. The school gives awesome chances to your kids to sparkle both scholastically and additionally in additional curricular activities.

BVM Global School

With CBSE association, BVM Global School is a very much rumored instructive establishment. The school keeps running with an expectation to accomplish sociability between Indian practice and Western radicalism. Aside from granting instruction in an all encompassing way, the school additionally helps young people by bringing up their talents in different co-curricular and additional curricular fields.

Meenakshi Narayanan educational and Charity Trust

Started in the year 1993, this school is run by Meenakshi Narayanan educational and Charity Trust. With more than two centuries of experience in the field of education and education, the school that has a strong infrastructure that not only aids in the student’s’ education but also in their extra-curricular activities. The school’s organized approach makes it one of the best schools in the city.

RMT International School

The school was made with a mean to furnish students with a minding instructive group that has high showing guidelines, as well as help the youngsters to build up every one of the aptitudes and learning that they requirement forever. The school additionally has a foundation that matches the universal measures. This Cambridge University partnered school gives completely ventilated and all around prepared classrooms for all understudies.

Apple Kids International Play-School

This driving children’s instructive establishment in India is intended for all-round improvement of babies. With 300+ preschools all finished India, Apple Kids International Play-School is a profoundly sheltered and eco-accommodating school arrange. A portion of the key highlights of this school are the aerated and cooled classrooms, inventive showing approach, experienced showing staff, great framework, best transport office, and so forth. This school has two branches in OMR.

OMR is the best hub for IT organizations, as well as one of the best places in Chennai to own a home. We trust this list will enable you to pick the best school for your children when you to move to your new home in OMR.

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Sep 16

Ideas to Create an Office inside Your Apartment

Want to set up a dedicated workplace in your apartment that helps you stay productive in a cosy environment. Generally, apartments don’t come up with separate space to convert it into an office. It’s possible that you can include creative office ideas for an unused room without breaking the walls and converting it into an office space. It’s clever to create a furniture space to make a separate room into an office. Here’s how to make it happen:

Find Your Spotlight

Even though you probably already know the plan of your apartment, you can just overlook it again. Look for the right area which you might have considered as an office space, such as an unused private, or in the corner. Even if space isn’t that big enough to turn into an office, you might be amazed by what you can clutch into it. If you have a small space left in your home it can be converted to the miniature office that packs yield in an inadequate area. Make sure that you don’t get stuck working in the space which is the noisy or nearby garbage disposal. Find a quiet spot if possible so that it creates a working environment in that space.

Select Appropriate Lighting

Above all, it is important to choose clear lighting throughout your apartment and also especially in your office area, because it’s where people do plenty of reading. If you have tried reading a book in dim light then you would have come to know how painful it can be on your eyes. If you strain yourself for a long time it may cause you a headache which won’t allow you to complete your work. Before setting up any furniture it is worth thing about light sources. It’s better idea to place your office near a window so that the sun rays spread into your space during daytime which makes you proactive. If space allows you could also get a task lamp to read the fine print.

Get the Perfect Fit Furniture

There’s nothing shoddier than planning a new office only to find out the table you bought is two inches too wide for space. Calculate the dimensions of the area before making any purchases so you don’t get stuck carrying a heavy item back to the shop. You could make use of existing furniture or use existing features in your apartment to improve your office. For example, if you place your office next to a cabinet, use the surface as a side table for small items that would take up too much room on your desk. Above the desk, mount rows of shelving to keep your papers, books and envelopes organized. Don’t skim on decoration! Your favorite pics, flora, and sculptures can be reminders that you are at home rather than work or school.

Galleria Residences apartments in pallavaram come in all shapes and sizes, but the one thing every unit has is perspective. A part of your existing space into a productivity space gives you the ability to work from home, study in a comfortable environment and increase your focus when a deadline is fast approaching. Even if you don’t plan on taking your work or studies home with you each day, sometimes it just feels nice to take your laptop away from your lap and onto a desk. If you have decided to move into a new apartment, you can view our properties and explore floor plans before you tour. Imagine where you’ll locate your office in a place that makes you feel right at home.