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Dec 5

How Your Apartment Can Help You Lose Weight?

As you know, the new year is coming up and many people will have so many resolutions for this new ahead and the most of them will choose their resolution as to lose weight or to gain weight. Right? Losing weight is one of the most popular resolutions when they see the calendar as January, they will change their diet plan and will take so many commitments like no ice creams, no sweets or no burgers etc.

People find it is very hard to go to a gym and it requires more money and time. But, they will be very serious about losing weight. And here, let’s discuss few tips which can help you achieve the healthy new you in your apartment this new year:

Always use the stairs

Many people don’t use the stairs in their apartment, but I would recommend you to take the stairs instead of the elevator and it is actually a small exercise which you do in a day and even it is faster than waiting for the lift. And purposely park your car far away to walk further and it is a good practice to do some exercise.

Make use of the fitness centre & Yoga hall

Nowadays, all the apartments are provided with fitness centres and many people don’t take advantage of it. It is actually cheaper when compared to the other gyms which are near to your location.

Walk laps inside your apartment premises

It is good to have a practice of taking a walk every day. Many apartment communities will have a park close to it, Even it will be a good chance to socialize with your neighbours.

Eat healthy food

Many apartments will have a smart kitchen and it will be perfect for a people who are on a diet. Less space for kitchen means you can stuff only less stored food. This will help to have some self-control when you go grocery shopping, buy only healthy food.

Do some exercises & Meditations

There are many streaming sites where you can find many exercise and meditation videos which you can just do in your apartment itself. Listen to one song and it will be perfect to do an exercise and it should be an energy-boosting music to keep things interesting and there are endless videos which can help you to lose weight.

What kinds of exercise can we do in an apartment?


Very simplest and most convenient ways to work out in your apartment community.


This requires very less space and it is a good exercise for your heart, and you can do it in just about any room.


This is an effective way to work your abdominal muscles, as it allows you to contract and lengthen these muscles.


Just simply pick up a few items and do a few reps in your apartment itself.


This is a favourite exercise of many people and it is good for cardiovascular activity.

Doing some exercise is really important for a healthy lifestyle. And if you live in an apartment, don’t think that the options are limited. There are many apartments for sale in Chennai where it is equipped with fitness centres, yoga hall and gym. So, make use of this kind of amenities which you have in your apartment premises.


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Dec 4

Tips to Get your Home Ready for this Winter

Winters mean numb limbs and uneasy jaws chattering for warmth. This is the season when the ever so shiny sun comes whenever it wants to and conceals away as its whims. There are certain ways in which you can warm up your villas and flats in Chennai naturally by optimizing the minimal available sunlight. Here are some of the quirky methods to bring in the warmth:

Utilize the power of dual draperies to welcome sunlight:

Thick blinds and curtain fabrics can retain the warmth inside, but they also stop the light from coming in. This stops the heat to stay outside and does not allow it to enter in. To overpower this elemental aspect of heat and sunlight, you can always install double curtains. Augment this curtain setup with cotton/sheer add-ons.

During daytime, you can retract the heavy curtain fabric and conceal the windows with thin ones to let the light and heat through. This acts as natural illumination and also warms up the living space without affecting the privacy factor.

In the evenings, get back the thick curtain on to conceal the windows along with the soft ones. This double layer transforms as an efficient insulation agent and conduce the heat in making it hard to go out.

Ergonomically place mirrors to bring in light

Mirrors have the amazing ability to reflect light and you can use it to direct the light and heat into your home. This is one of the versatile functions of the mirror, and placing them next to a window in the right position during the different times of the day can help you to warm the interior space up easily.

Be in the spot that gets the most of the natural light

Identify the spots in your home that gets the natural light and furnish those spots with cosy furniture setup. You can also keep a bean bag handy or a light recliner that is movable from one place to another. Sunbath in the winter sun and enjoy your favourite book with Bach playing in the background. It is better to get your window seals checked before the winter season to ensure that the cold wind doesn’t come in.

Dark fabrics are the way to go

We all know that dark shades of fabric do not reflect the light back and absorbs the heat efficiently. Change your area rugs into darker shades and also look to change the cushions of your seating furniture in similar black shades. Even if the setup looks gloomy and gothic, it is great for the winters to keep you warm naturally.

Layer the room with a lot of stuff

The communion of fabrics inside the home can aid you to trap heat and induce warmth in the space. Use carpets of different kind on a single focus area and cover the existing carpet with more to create a layering effect. Bring in as much as fabric as you can with patterned cushioned, upholstered chairs and throw pillows on sofa arrangements to make the space comfy as you love.

Louvered sunshades for the rescue:

An external structural element can also help you to bring in more natural light. Transform your sunshades into a louvered one and make it a permanent setup as they are adaptable in any season. These louvered sunshades are designed in such a way that they obstruct the highly placed sun during the summer soon and alternatively let in the low-placed winter light to brighten up the space and induce warmth especially among the villas in Chennai.

With the winter season approaching soon, the need to make ourselves ready to adapt to this season is essential to stay warm. Hop on to some of the best ideas that can make this season just like the normal ones.



Dec 2

Consider These Before Investing In Plots

The land is a high hazard and exceptional yield venture that offers adaptability in development and outline, yet numerous purchasers stop from putting resources into arriving as there is a great deal of vulnerability related to it.

In this circumstance, purchasing plotted advancements from a property engineer is a feasible choice that offers the advantages of land and also the comfort of the arranged foundation. However, this is a costly choice.

A more reasonable decision for some, imminent purchasers is purchased straightforwardly from the land proprietors and government experts. The drawback here is the hazard factor. When you purchase a loft, the budgetary experts financing the venture have done a due determination on the undertaking. However, with regards to purchasing land, the due steadiness is the purchaser’s duty. For purchasers who have an idea to buy an apartment in Chennai, but decide to buy a plot, we present to you an arrangement of rules to enable you to explore through the land and plot situation in India.
Loans for purchasing a plot

Banks and money related establishments offer land credits for the buy of land for both development and speculation purposes. However, these advances come at a higher cost and with no duty sops. In the wake of purchasing a plot, you can likewise profit of a home development advance; this credit offers tax reductions to the borrower.

Key components to check before purchasing a plot :

  • The most preparatory thing to check is to check whether the dealer possesses the property and has a lawful ideal to offer the property. This can be confirmed by inspecting the Title Deed.
  • The subsequent stage checks that there are no lawful disagreements regarding the land and this can be confirmed by an Encumbrance Certificate, accessible at the neighborhood sub-recorder’s office where the deed for the land has been enlisted.
  • If the plot has been sworn for an advance, guarantee that the advance has been paid out and the dealer has a Release Certificate. This same Release Certificate is additionally basic if there is more than one proprietor of the land.
  • Get a surveyor to quantify the land and confirm that the measurements, territory, outskirts are precise as expressed by the dealer.
  • It is additionally basic to check with community specialists if the format isn’t in a farming zone and if the plot has improvement rights. Furthermore, do check if the arranging consent and building endorsement have been acquired from the neighborhood body concerned. There ought to likewise be a deeded right-of-way, enabling the privilege to construct an open street or openness to the land.

NRI particular

  • For NRI purchasers inspired by purchasing plots in India, the RBI and FEMA control express that an NRI can put resources into plots in India, if it isn’t agrarian land, cultivate house or an estate. These must be acquired by him through a blessing or legacy.
  • In the event that however the dealer of the plot is an NRI, at that point the delegate Indian merchant ought to have a Power of Attorney that is legitimate just if marked by an officer of the Indian international safe haven within the sight of a witness.

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Dec 1

How to Start a Vegetable Garden in your Flat?

Are you living in a flat and want to grow your own vegetable garden? Don’t ever think that you don’t have a land, space or money and all you need is a small space in your backyard or balcony. After that, you will see a bounty of fresh vegetables, which will be ready for you to prepare a yummy vegetable curry and it will be fresh, healthy and even it provides a good flavor to your cooking. And this requires only a little time and effort. Let’s discuss a few tips to start your own vegetable garden and many people who live in the flat in Chennai is doing this as their hobby! Follow these tips to get growing every day!

Before you start a vegetable garden you should analyze these things:

  1. Location: Check for the particular location which is ideal to have a garden like a patio or a balcony, walls or backyard etc
  2. Sunlight: Determine the amount of sunlight which you get in that particular location
  3. Deciding on what to grow: In a flat, you can grow only certain veggies in smaller areas
  4. Seeds: The seeds should be planted carefully without any damage to the roots
  5. Soil: It is really important and it should be light and disease-free
  6. Watering: Your plants need moisture and there are certain plants which require daily watering. Even excessive watering is not good.
  7. Fertilizers: Chemical fertilizers are available in the market and even you can use your kitchen waste since it is organic and good for plants
  8. Insects and diseases: Have regular checks on the plants to keep the insects away

What are the veggies which you can grow in your flat?

  • Carrot
  • Potato
  • Beans
  • Cucumbers
  • Beans
  • Mint
  • Coriander
  • Tomato
  • Lettuce


Things you need to know when you have a vegetable garden in your flat:

  • There are some best seasons for each of the plants and it should be planted during that time
  • The more water you pour, the healthier the plant will be
  • Have a pot which is quite deep and it should not have a rockier soil
  • All these plants will require enough sunlight
  • Some vegetables are easy to grow and some are not
  • Make sure that all the stems are in the soil
  • Some plants will grow throughout the year
  • Keep checking  the growth of the plants

Some plants will require the lot of sunlight, warm temperature, and regular watering for its growth and others may require less. So, you need to differentiate plants and maintain them properly based on their needs. Some plants will require less maintenance and are easy to grow.

How to plant a seed?

Take a pot and fill them up with soil. Make a drain hole at the bottom and if possible fill it with gravels. Once you have put the seed, cover it with soil, pour water and make sure that it gets enough sunlight.

Keep in mind that just dumping the seeds into a pot and walking away will never help you. If you need good and healthy vegetables, you should water them regularly and even try to spend some time and effort. Then you will definitely have a healthier harvest and the more you garden, the more you get. Every seed you plant would give you a great harvest for years. Hope, you started planting a seed in your garden! Get growing every day!