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Amazing tips to make your Apartment safe

As you know, it is really important to ensure the safety of the apartment since the world around us is changing every minute. And even though many security products are coming up in the market, but still the number of thefts is increasing many innovative ways are used to rob your apartment. And here are some of the tips which will help you to make your apartment stay safe.

How to ensure overall apartment security?

Do you have any idea on how to ensure the overall apartment safety? And securing your apartment with just a lock is not enough and you need to safeguard even the compound which surrounds your apartment needs to be better equipped to withstand any problems. Nowadays people think that, if you have a CCTV camera and a security guard, they’re safe but they’re not. And these both are not enough and even if you have a gated community apartment.

What are the necessary things to safeguard your apartment?

Choose a gated community apartment
Always, look for a gated community apartment with a visitor management system that records details of every visitor and they need to provide alerts from the security management team if a visitor visits your home when you’re not in your available in your home. This will ensure the safety of your apartment.

Better to install a surveillance system

If you’re a working person, who leave your children at home. Even if they are taken care with the help of maids, a CCTV is recommended. This will help in monitoring your kids and even it helps to avoid committing a crime in your home.

Locking system

Always have the old lock to be replaced with a fresh and strong one. Because we never know that any other person is having the key of the old locks. Have a high-end and hard locking system because even a small hair clip can be used to make a theft.

Secure your balcony

Try to install grills in the balcony to avoid theft and crimes. The doors which are present next to the balcony should also be secured.

Have safety equipment on your own

There are some things that you must keep yourselves like Wooden log, pepper spray and much more. Have some of this for the emergency purpose to keep your family safe. Even this will help you during the situation like Fire, Earthquake etc.

In recent times, the home security is really important and make sure that your family is safe and we should not always depend on software-based solutions, this will help you in rare times but not sure. Just secure your apartment and have a quality living. These are the safety tips which we would like to share and there are many residential apartments in Chennai with gated community and just buy a right one and have a safe and happy living!

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Oct 10

Home Improvement Tips for Residents Living in Apartments

Is it true that you are an occupant hoping to roll out improvements to your leased home? Alliance Group offers a rundown of home change thoughts that you can take after to give your leased place a makeover without endangering the rent.

As an inhabitant, remaining in a leased convenience has its own particular advantages and disadvantages since your choices are restricted as for home redesign. Be that as it may, when inhabitants of apartments in OMR remain in a leased property for long, they hope to roll out some fundamental improvements for which they have to look for the proprietor’s assent. Alliance Group offers a rundown of best home change tips that would help give the property a makeover without breaking the rent.

Know the boundaries

A standard rental assertion, for the most part, keeps the inhabitant from rolling out any remodels or structural improvements to the property without the landowner’s consent. Connect with your proprietor/specialist to check whether they enable you to do the progressions. This would likewise enable you to deal with your desires.

Consider temporary fixes

Consider doing some transitory fixes since your landowner may not be excessively excited, making it impossible to give you a chance to paint the house in new hues or clean up the floors. For example:

Sticky/glue snares are a decent answer for shroud little breaks on the divider as they can hold a light and substantial weights. You can likewise utilize it for hanging artistic creations and works of art to divert the passerby from those terrible dividers. For bigger splits, put an inside decoration over it or place a bureau against the divider to cover it up.

On the off chance that you are not awed with the floor of the home, cover it with a huge carpet in nonpartisan shading that can bring out a comparable look and feel to the sections of flooring you are longing for.

Power of interior decoration

You can loan a new look to your living or room by including a few components, for example, bright sheet material and shades that match the divider.

Consider supplanting the lights of your home with the in vogue one’s that are effectively accessible in the market. Productive lighting can lift the disposition and make a positive domain at home. You can likewise try different things with good fixtures and fittings in the lavatories, for example, shower heads and taps by substituting it with the ones that run well with your taste. Keep in mind, whatever you take off, you have to keep it safe and set it back before moving out.

Proprietors, by and large, wouldn’t fret such upgrades in their property gave you leave the property to its unique shape while moving out. You can likewise record the progressions that you are making to the property in composing to stay away from any question later.

Speak to your landlord

If you feel that the property needs a sizable upgrade and certain zones, for example, the kitchen require support, you have to address your landowner and persuade him for the same. Experience your rental assertion precisely before marking to ensure that you comprehend your obligations.

While most mortgage holders enable occupants to revamp their property, they may not give an agreement to roll out auxiliary improvements unless it’s vital. “In a perfect world, the landowner is in charge of any repairs done to the property yet at times, they hope to impart the cost to the inhabitant. In the event that you will pay for another layer of paint, do some examination, take citations and give the same to your landowner. Be that as it may, your landowner may employ another person if the assessed cost cited by you is higher than his financial plan.

Impact on monthly rent

Routine support for the upkeep of a property is important especially if the proprietor likes to keep it leased for long. While essential reclamation of a property includes some significant downfalls, this does not surely mean an expansion in a lease. It is the proprietor’s obligation to keep the property in a decent condition regardless of the possibility that they need to spend some cash to limit void periods.


Oct 9

How to ensure children’s safety in your Apartment

In recent times, I have noticed many people who are working and they don’t find time to spend or take care of their children properly. And the parents are scared about leaving their children at home but, it helps the children to stay strong by providing a confidence and it eliminates the fear of being alone in the home. Anyway, ensuring children’s safety is the major responsibility of the parents.

As you know, in foreign countries like the United States, there is a rule that only the children between the age group 8-10 have to be left alone in the home and the children of other age should not be left alone in the home. But, in our country, it just depends on the children and the parents. Age isn’t a deciding factor and depending on the age, you can’t decide whether a child can be left alone at home.

And there are some other qualities which you need to look at the child :

  • Level of maturity
  • An interest to follow your words
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Knowledge of first aid
  • Ability to make good decisions


The Setup of your home

The arrangement of your house is also important and you should consider it when you leave your children alone in the home. If it is an apartment, it is safe and fine. But, if it is an independent home, it involves some risk. Making your child take care of himself is not difficult when you’re in an apartment but you need to ensure few things before you leave the children at home. And here is the list of things you must follow:

Be connected with your child

Make sure that you’re connected to the child all the time. You can do this, either with landlines or mobile phone. This is a must thing when you leave your child alone at home. If there is an emergency, the child should contact you immediately and they should be capable of making calls in emergency situations. And these days, kids are aware of the internet and the mobile devices. And they can access all these things to get connected with the parents and making a phone call is just a small thing for them.

Childproof your home

Make sure that your home is childproof and all the harmful objects are stored away. And here is the list of items which you need to check for:

  • Drugs
  • Harmful objects
  • Gas cylinders
  • Sharp objects
  • Toxic chemicals


Before you leave your child alone at home, it’s really necessary to sit with your child and explain them and make them understand all the things which you want them to be aware of. But, it’s not sure that they will stick to it because they are kids. Anyway, it’s always better if you keep them informed about the dangers which are involved.

Have an eye

Have a friendly neighbor and ask them to have an eye on your kid when you leave them alone in your apartment. Just ask them as a favor and request them to help your child in case if they want any assistance. Even I have seen kids who lock themselves out without a knowledge and it happens most of the time.

Install security cameras

This is actually a good option for parents. Even they can avoid crime if this is installed and if they leave the child with a maid. It would be great to monitor both the kid and the maid. Even if something happens, you can just refer immediately and take necessary action.

Arrange a good company

It’s good to have some company. If you have more than one child in your home, one can help the other. But, sometimes this will be a trouble. As they fight with each other without enough understanding.

Stick some notes for your child

Children wish to have some sticky notes in a home to see on the walls. So, it’s better to write down a  few important things :

  • Lock your home before you leave outside
  • Don’t open the door if a stranger wants to come inside
  • Give a call when you don’t know what to do


Are you a kid?

This question has a meaning in it. This is true that kids are not aware of many things and it is really difficult to manage them.But, this is your responsibility to take care of them even when you are busy. And even there are some smart kids who play well but still they fail at some point.

Always think of an alternative when you leave your child alone at home. It’s better to arrange a maid to take care of your child or else ask their grandparents to take care of them. Leave them alone at home will have more impact and it’s not good also. At least make them have a good hobby or interest instead of spending their time at home. Just do the best for your children as a parent. If you follow all these, we’re sure that your child has a bright future. Always ensure the safety of your in your apartment and there are a lot of residential apartments in Chennai with gated community. Choose the right one and have a happy and safe living!


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Oct 9

How To Create More Room In Your Living Space

Regardless of whether your family is developing or you’re just coming up short in space, returning to your home’s design and investigating the unused area can enable you to make a roomier and welcoming space inside. From working up to reviving a neglected storm cellar or storage room with private rebuilding, these traps can enable you to take advantage of your current living space.

5 ways to add more room to your living space-

Go up, not out  

You can include a lot of room to your home, regardless of the possibility that you are at the most extreme size for your part, essentially by including an additional level. Another floor to your home can build your living space without diminishing your yard measure and enables you to remain in your present home regardless of the possibility that your family extends or your space needs change. To sweeten the deal even further, those new rooms can be intended to absolutely meet your inclinations and necessities, giving you a custom search for your new expansion.

Begin with a fresh start

This approach is the more considerable, yet in the event that you have a fair measure of challenges in design or an existing floor design, at that point beginning once again on your current establishment enables you to make a custom home in your current space. This approach can give you the home you had always wanted, and enable you to keep the area, yard and address you cherish. The privilege rebuilding contracting business can give you a thought of what should be possible in your current space and enable you to change over your present home to your fantasy home.

Open things up  

Some more old houses have loads of rooms – yet each room is too compact to practically utilize. Simply moving dividers, entryways and windows can hugely affect the way you utilize your space and can save more energy in your home.

Finish it up

Your upper room or underground cellar is loaded with space recently holding up to be utilized. It’s quick and simple to inhale new life into your home and change your space, just by revamping the current unused rooms that are as of now under your rooftop.

Boost your storage  

Having a place for the majority of your things and benefitting as much as possible from the space you have can make even a little home feel easily commodious. You might not have enough space to include storage pieces all over, however inherent highlights can be utilized to really expand your living space. By joining worked away and astute utilization of room into rooms like the kitchen, washroom, and room, you can completely utilize every last bit of room and appreciate an uncluttered, open home.

You may have a greater number of alternatives that you might suspect with regards to growing your living space at home with inside renovating; our Alliance Group can enable you to find the ideal approaches to benefit as much as possible from your home and completely investigate your choices. People of flats in korattur were feeling confined before dwelling inside their homes, so it is better to do a crisp new search for the home you adore.