Apartments in Tambaram chennai - Make-over for a White Themed Unit_

Mar 7

How to Impart a Make-over for a White Themed Unit?

The universal rule book color that goes on most of the walls of an apartment or villas in Chennai unit would be white themed. This is the only color that comes to a mind while we think of painting the walls of the unit. Though white inculcates a bright and vivid environment inside the unit, there is always a void that is created. With the rooms surrounded by just white color without any proper decor materials, their color does overdo in imparting the classy look of the unit. The color will create too much of bright surrounding that it usually steals away the presence of any furnishings of decor article. In order to evade some of the attention, the color would get, practice a few techniques to make the room look heavenly and engaged as well.

1. Shades of White Themed Unit

Instead of just finalizing on one only shade of white, try to incorporate few other tones of this color to show variations on the look. For instance, a room with false ceiling or overlapping walls can be given variations of white shades to give the effect of a 3D look. Other than this, showing these variations also evades the problem of a full white room that occupies most of the attention in spite of any decors. Some of the suggestions that can be used are pale white, rose white, ivory white and even the beige can team up with white beautifully to impart a classy touch.

2. Using Neon colors

In a room filled with white painted walls, the concentration of anyone entering the room would be shifted to the walls unless there is any other factor. For this, make use of color pop outs inside the unit. Placing small decor articles amidst the room would always amp up the look and also shift the attention. Usually, the colors that would work effectively for this purpose would be tones of neon such as yellow, green, pink in their darker tones. Also, be calculative of the number of articles which you place. Use of way too much of these colors can also have an adverse effect on the room. So, use only limited sources.

3. Textured walls

Any color can be crafted to produce a lighter effect on the outlook when it gives a textured look. So, it is always safe to impart walls a textured or even a patterned look instead of opting for a plain color. This could have a subtle tone of the unit and also stays as a creative option. With the regular updates of the designs coming out in the industry every week, there are few paints that offer a beautiful texture of paints to their customers. It is best to go for one such wall paint.

4. Piece of art

There is nothing that can’t be fixed by decors. Decors serve as an ideal game saver in changing the look of any apartments or villas. So, always opt for any art pieces, decor articles, statement pieces or even DIY articles to save the awful ambiance of your unit. As far as white rooms are concerned, always opt for black or any dark colored statement pieces and decor articles to cover up the space that is occupied only with the wall paint. This combination of white with dark colors never fails to impart the exquisite look on your units.

The white color that is a hallmark go-to one for every household usually whips the ambiance of the decor. Ramp-up the look of our unit regular color choice with a few additional techniques to give a complete new make-over for your apartments in Chennai.

Luxury apartment in Chennai - space in small rooms.

Mar 1

Create the Illusion of Space in Small Rooms to present it bigger

Every one of us wish to blessed with big and luxurious apartments, but not all us gets the same. Some of our properties are so little and minimal that there is scarcely space to swing a feline, however, in the meantime when you can’t stand to move to some other place somewhat greater, don’t stress on the grounds, as there are a lot of things you can do to make a deception in the little rooms.

1. Utilize Light to Your Advantage:

The lighter a room is, the more extensive it will feel. Indeed, even vast rooms can feel little in the event that they are embellished with dull severe hues and loaded with huge bits of overwhelming furniture. So if you are honored with a room that is a little on the little side, you have to fill it with however much light as could reasonably be expected. Normal light is ideal, however, in the occasion, the room does not have an extensive window or is thrown into the shadow of a huge tree or building, include some additional light as lights and different sorts of lighting.

2. Impressions of Light:

Mirrors and glass is your companions with regard to improving smaller rooms. Most of the people who reside in Luxury apartments in Chennai, Mumbai, and other metropolitan cities choose glass as the new trend in home decor. Glass lets loads of characteristic light in and mirrors reflect what light is as of now there into the darkest corners. You have to capitalize on what resources you have, so if a little room watches out on to a pretty garden, consider taking the window out and introducing porch entryways or French windows. You can likewise do this in a room, in spite of the fact that it is a smart thought to fabricate some sort of gallery or balustrade in the occasion you coincidentally falter through the entryway late one night and wind up splattered on the yard.

3. Hallucinations of Space in small rooms:

Mirrors don’t simply reflect light again into a dim room—they likewise make the figment of additional space. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes: from current sheets of reflected glass to antique mirrors with overwhelming plated outlines. You can blend and match different types of mirror to your heart’s substance. Hang reflects wherever there is space and the room will right away feel significantly bigger.

4. Reflected Doors:

In the event that you have a little room, a simple method to make a space in the room is to swap plain closet entryways for sliding reflected entryways. Reflected closets fill a double need in the room—they influence the space to feel considerably bigger, in addition to you can utilize the mirrors to look at yourself before taking off for a night. It won’t keep you away from carrying out against mold, but rather, in any event, your room will appear significantly more open in the event that you are sufficiently fortunate to bring home a friend for the night.

Pale Colours Little rooms look best when finished with pale hues. Abstain from utilizing dull hues unless you need to make a feeling of comfortable closeness and stick to whites, creams and some other light shades from the paint palette.

For a light, splendid present-day home, exploit glass and mirrors to make space in small rooms where next to not exist. Glass entryways and mirrors are a simple method to fill your home with light and space, regardless of whether it is no bigger than the normal shoe box.

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houses for sale in OMR - What everyone should know while sharing a rented house ?

Feb 27

What everyone should know while sharing a rented house?

In a city like Chennai, most students and young career starters rent out apartments together as the apartments feel more spacious than regular hostel accommodations. There are thousands of students who graduate every year and fly over from various cities and settle in Chennai for employment. Particularly, OMR is a well-known IT-expressway of Chennai where a lot of MNC and Non-MNC companies opening gateways for talented young professionals. Due to the establishments of a plethora of companies in and around the locale, most reputed real estate developers have set up small apartments and also there are certain 2 BHK flats in OMR locale those the young professionals can take huge advantage of. Although renting out these apartments might seem economical, but staying together in the house with the roommate is never as easy as it looks. For this, there are a few convincing Do’s and Don’ts for sharing a rented house.

Staying together in a rented house or apartment is a very common practice and gaining popularity lately, whereas there would be two or three people using the number of rooms accessible in the house while living together. Obviously, there are certain advantages in following this course.

The expenditure is reduced extensively

1. One huge advantage of staying together by sharing the rented out houses is that you get to live near to your office which is in the central part of the locale.

2. You get to share equally with the rent, security deposit, and all the essentials such as electricity bills, water bills and so on. This actually means your regular expenditure is reduced dramatically.

3. Sometimes, you can yet open a common bank account to give their corresponding shares on a monthly basis.

4. If a person chooses to leave, then you get to share the rent equally or include a new roommate and return the deposit amount to the person leaving.

All these common things would work really well and goes on a smooth road. Also, the landlords in the cities prefer to rent out their second apartments or individual houses to group accommodation as they get higher rental incomes.

Keep these things in mind while sharing a rented house

As the rents are high in the cities, it is really a wise idea to share a rented house as it reduces regular expenditure and it is safe to live in groups than living alone. For women, it is a wiser option to rent out apartments or individual houses for sale in OMR, Chennai as you can notice landlords live on either ground floors or topmost floor of the property. So this has become an ideal option for most young female professionals in the metro cities. While living in groups, open up with your roommates in case you happen to have any issues, even it is small speak out. Sometimes, talking no more about the issues would solve the problem by itself over time.

The formal procedures and legal agreements for shared accommodations

Most times, on the rental agreements, some homeowners insist on having all the tenants’ names mentioned. Sometimes, other tenants prefer to have one tenant’s name and who is likely to hold responsibility for his flatmates or roommates. But, remember, it is always better and wiser to have all the names of the tenants on the agreement not only yours. Leave it to your homeowner to deal with the monthly rents individually. Or you’d be in trouble each month while paying rent if the agreement has got only your name mentioned. Rules are for everyone and if there has an agreement, it must abide by all the rules and regulations.


Apartments in OMR - No More Mistakes with calculating Carpet Area after RERA

Feb 26

No More Mistakes with calculating Carpet Area after RERA

We all had gone through the experience of seeing one and buying one when it comes to purchasing a property. What we truly get toward the end of the procedure isn’t what we see by any means. Most individuals who buy apartments and individual houses have faced these problems in one or the other way. But now, RERA has come to rescue from all these trust issues faced by so many buyers and investors. RERA which is in act presently things are changing in the real estate market, which is bringing in the positivity and trust between home buyers and the developers. By the new implementation of RERA by the government lately to enhance transparency by promoting the properties such as the apartments, villas, and other row houses with their correct measures for calculating carpet area.

Generally, the area of any property is calculated by three ways

1. Carpet area

2. Built-up area

3. Super built-up area

Calculating Carpet area:

The carpet area is simply the usable area of a house where the area only inside the inner wall is taken into account.

Calculating Built-up area:

The built-up area is the carpet area and the balcony area which also includes the outer walls and the ducts as well.

Calculating Super built-up area:

The super built-up area includes both the carpet area, the built-up area and other common areas like the shares stairs of the building, the lobby area, corridors and also the canopy like roof-top shelter. Usually, the super built-up area is probably 25% more than the carpet area.

As a regular homebuyer might not be aware of these terms like the carpet area, built-up area and the super built-up area, there had a situation where developers might mislead the home buyers when buying the property. Presently, this scenario happened to change as all the developers are ought to promote the property with absolute carpet area uncovered.

The impact of the mandatory disclosing the carpet area

As the investors flocking towards the major investing areas in Chennai to buy Apartments in OMR and Villas for sale in OMR, ECR, Pallavaram, and other cities buyers will now find easy to understand the exact area measurements of the flat and likely to receive what they see.

1. The former practice of including the balcony, canopy, terrace and verandas, the flower beds, the vacant spaces within the carpet area by the unprincipled developers is now coming to an end. This means the developers ought to disclose the real measurements of the carpet area to the buyers.

2. Sometimes, the corner villas or apartments placed might have some advantages and disadvantages in the position where usually to get more or less in calculating the carpet area. There is a difference between these two as well. The apartments having less carpet area are sold with discounts, and the apartments having more carpet area are sold for a premium price. Usually, these data are unclear in the measurements of the super built-up area. These misleading scenarios are rectified by the RERA implementation  lately.

3. Better and well-thought-out plans and designs with efficiency would become a fundamental part of the buying process. Earlier the common space is used more and with different carpet areas. But now, the design with absolute carpet area for reasonable prices has become essential for all home buyers.