DTCP Approved Plots for Sale in Chennai

Jun 21

DTCP Approved Plots For Sale In Chennai

Want to buy a residential plot in Chennai? First and foremost, you must, then, ascertain that the property is DTCP approved.
A plot refers to an area of land an authorized authority designates for building house. It can come independently or in a layout. A layout represents a development of a cluster of plots in a lot with clearly defined borders, interconnecting roads, sewers, septic tank, water tank, storm water management system and greenways.

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Gated Community of Apartments and Villas Chennai

Jun 20

Why Opt For Gated Community Of Apartments And Villas In Chennai?

Gated communities have been efforts of groups of people with shared identities to live a safe and sound life. From ancient civilizations to modern, gated Communities seek to keep families safe from hostile elements, harmful influences and from marauders and outlaws that respected no law and order. The concept of “gated community” evolved over the years retaining much of its fundamental features to this day.

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Real Estate in Chennai

Jun 19

Chennai Real Estate Opportunity

The real estate sector is one of the most globally recognised sectors. It is the second largest employer after agriculture. Chennai is one of the many cities where the opportunities for real estate is rising.
Among the thousand various opportunities that are available in Chennai, one can see that there are only very few real estate opportunities that satisfy the customers. Projects in Chennai by the Alliance group has been very successful over time.

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Buying a Villa in Chennai

Jun 15

Things to Consider Before Buying a Villa in Chennai

Villa; an aristocratic residential concept that originated in ancient Rome, has come a long way since its advent. Villas used to be Roman upper-class country houses. Today, “Villa” refers to independent luxury houses in spacious sub-urban zones. Untouched pockets of land in the outskirts make perfect locale for Villa living. With steadily swelling urban population, urban development in most of India has inevitably been expanding to suburban pockets of land.

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