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Mar 22

Practical kitchen designs ideas for a better cooking time

When designing a kitchen, dwellers usually focus on design and functionality. While a perfectly planned design may seem incredibly appealing but being functional during cooking, eating, and cleaning is equally important for a flawlessly ideal kitchen. The kitchen is just not a place for making a tasty meal; it is more than just cooking. Although design and functionality are mutually exclusive elements, trying to add a bit of both would make the kitchen a better part of any abode. In spite of where you live, is it Independent villas in OMR or any flats in Chennai, there are certain common kitchen design errors which you should avoid for the most part.

Too much of open shelving does not work all the time

Open shelving sounds great for most of the time. But truth to be said, it is not fairly gorgeous looking if you display all your favourite mugs and generic items. Be realistic while planning out the shelf arrangements. Take out all your good looking items front and display it in the center of the shelve. If you have glass shelving storage, then display the expensive items because the glass prevents it from falling and breaking. Also, hide the ugly looking items behind these or the closed-door cabinets.

Avoid too much of stainless steel and mix the door types

It is completely natural to purchase stainless chrome finishing pieces of equipment like the fridge, microwave, or dishwasher. But having everything in steel doesn’t look homey. Why do you want to still stick with chrome? Mixing all types can be authentic and highly logical. Having everything in stainless steel looks more planned. So mix it up, mixing doesn’t mean it should be shabby, make it look practical and neat.

Not allocating a proper space for the large appliances

An ideal kitchen must be designed in such a way that there is enough space for all benchtop appliances. Ensure you measure up all the large appliances so that the designer plans out the layout to store all the equipment in one place. Moreover, you should take something into account that not everything should be displayed on the top.

Give space for fridge doors to swing in and out

Most of the kitchens have fridge right against the wall. The problem with this comes while opening the fridge door. The disadvantage of placing it this way only allows the door to open 90 degrees. Worst case is that you might get the handle hitting the wall every time you open it.

To avoid this, you can keep a tall cabinet between the wall and the fridge. This could be the best solution for placing the fridge practically so far.

Failing to have proper lighting

In addition to the common lighting, you’ll need lighting for each work you do so you can see what you are doing without difficulty. Also, consider introducing pendant lights over the island and also underneath the upper cupboards to give your countertops a lot of light. It is not compulsory to have individual lightings for every task you do; you will likewise need the kitchen feel more energetic and vibrant than looking dim and melancholy. This is only recommended only if you are a person who spends a lot of time in the kitchen.

Paying too much attention to only current design trends

It is a good practice to check out the currently trending kitchen ideas to get a few brilliant ideas for making your kitchen stylish. But design is not the only motto here. Doing so can result in a design which would be outdated in a couple of years. Being functional can be logical and useful for longer than you think. The design is not the only element to focus on. Functionality with wonderful design can bring you the really comfortable experience of having an incredible cooking experience. Bring out the best of functional and efficient culinary space in your home.

The pros and cons of renting out your new apartment

Mar 14

This happens if you rent out your new apartment

There are two different home buyers in the city. (A) The one who wanted to own a house and live in it. (B) One who buys and rents his house while he lives on rent. Most of the buyers’ dream of living in their dream home for a long time and they achieve after so much effort. Buying a dream home is not only a financial matter, but is an emotional journey as well. On the flip side, there are buyers who prefer to rent their new house and continue living in rental apartments. Let’s dig deep to know the pros and cons of doing so.

In the metro cities, a huge number of people invest in residential properties developed in the suburbs and still they live on rent. Most of these people will put their apartments on rent. Such homeowners let out their properties for rent for various reasons.

(1) Buyers buy compact homes on the outskirts for a reasonable price with all basic amenities and live on rent in the central areas. I have noticed people living in the 2 BHK flats in OMR near to their workplace by letting out their new home for tenants.

(2) They would like to live as a nuclear family in a location where they have better infrastructure and connectivity.

(3) People continue to live on rents as their new flats might not have completely occupied all the units. The homeowners do not generally prefer less inhabited flats.

Besides all these reasons, homeowners should certainly understand the advantages and disadvantages of letting out their new apartments on rent.

The advantages of letting out your new property on rent

The one biggest advantage of having let out your apartment on rent is the additional income. The rental income is the main factor attracting so much of homeowners into renting out their newly bought apartments and Individual houses. For the most part, people buy Villas in interior areas and let out as a vacation property for tourists. Particularly, in Chennai, investors buy Apartments and let out on rent for the young career starters who work in the IT companies. They usually save this rental income for the post-retirement expenses after the deduction of tax from the net annual income.

The prices are unstable in the real estate market. There have been situations where prices went right down unexpectedly. However, the price of your property rises over time if you opt for the location where you could expect hikes. Sources say that the rise and fall of the properties are highly common in this real estate industry.

The disadvantages of renting out your new property

Besides the accumulation of additional income you earn through rents, there is yet a risk involved in letting out your apartments on rent. As the tenant continues to live in your apartment for more than 12 months, your property comes under income tax regulations.

How does this taxation work?

This tax implication has a direct financial benefit too. As there is a constantly standard deduction means likely to deduct about 30% of your net annual value. This means, the value if the result of annual rent minus tax paid. For example, consider your annual income from the individual house property is worth of Rs.8 Lakhs. Imagine if have paid a municipal tax of worth Rs.2 lakhs on the house. The total annual income will be Rs.6 Lakhs.

Besides the tax, homeowners have to safeguard and maintain their property. This comprises of making sure of your tenants are not causing any problems in the property. Make sure the tenants are not involved in rebellious and illegal activities by doing a proper background check as this might get you in a huge trouble unknowingly.


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Mar 7

How to Impart a Make-over for a White Themed Unit?

The universal rule book color that goes on most of the walls of an apartment or villas in Chennai unit would be white. This is the only color that comes to a mind while we think of painting the walls of the unit. Though white inculcates a bright and vivid environment inside the unit, there is always a void that is created. With the rooms surrounded by just white color without any proper decor materials, their color does overdo in imparting the classy look on the unit. The color will create too much of bright surrounding that it usually steals away the presence of any furnishings of decor article. In order to evade some of the attention, the color would get, practice few techniques to make the room look heavenly and engaged as well.

Shades of white

Instead of just finalizing on one only shade of white, try to incorporate few other tones of this color to show variations on the look. For instance, a room with false ceiling or overlapping walls can be given variations of white shades to give the effect of a 3D look. Other than this, showing these variations also evades the problem of a full white room that occupies most of the attention in spite of any decors. Some of the suggestions that can be used are pale white, rose white, ivory white and even the beige can team up with white beautifully to impart a classy touch.

Using Neon colors

In a room filled with white painted walls, the concentration of anyone entering the room would be shifted to the walls unless there is any other factor. For this, make use of color pop outs inside the unit. Placing small decor articles amidst the room would always amp up the look and also shift the attention. Usually, the colors that would work effectively for this purpose would be tones of neon such as yellow, green, pink in their darkest tones. Also, be calculative of the number of articles which you place. Use of way too much of these colors can also have an adverse effect on the room. So, use only limited sources.

Textured walls

Any color can be crafted to produce a lighter effect on the outlook when it is given a textured look. So, it is always safe to impart walls a textured or even a patterned look instead of opting for a plain color. This could have a subtle tone of the unit and also stays as a creative option. With the regular updates of designs coming out in the industry every week, there are few paints that offer beautiful texture of paints to their customers. It is best to go for one such wall paint.

Piece of art

There is nothing that can’t be fixed by decors. Decors serve as an ideal game saver in changing the look of any apartments or villas. So, always opt for any art pieces, decor articles, statement pieces or even DIY articles to save the awful ambiance of your unit. As far as white rooms are concerned, always opt for black or any dark colored statement pieces and decor articles to cover up the space that is occupied only with the wall paint. This combination of white with dark colors never fails to impart exquisite look on your units.

The white color that is a hallmark go-to one for every household usually whips the ambiance of the decor. Ramp-up the look of our unit regular color choice with a few additional techniques to give a complete new make-over for your apartments in Chennai.

Luxury apartment in Chennai

Mar 1

Create the Illusion of Space in Small Rooms to present it bigger

Not every one of us is blessed with big and luxurious apartments. Some of our properties are so little and minimal that there is scarcely space to swing a feline, however in the event that you can’t stand to move to someplace somewhat greater, don’t stress on the grounds that there are a lot of things you can do to make the deception room in little rooms.

Utilize Light to Your Advantage
The lighter a room is, the more extensive it will feel. Indeed, even vast rooms can feel little in the event that they are embellished in dull severe hues and loaded with huge bits of overwhelming furniture. So if you are honored with a room that is a little on the little side, you have to fill it with however much light as could reasonably be expected. Normal light is ideal, however in the occasion, the room does not have an extensive window or is thrown in the shadow of a huge tree or building, include some additional light as lights and different sorts of lighting.

Impressions of Light
Mirrors and glass are your companions with regards to improving littler rooms. Most of the people who reside in Luxury apartments in Chennai, Mumbai, and other metropolitan cities choose glass as the new trend in home decor. Glass lets loads of characteristic light in and mirrors reflect what light is as of now there into the darkest corners. You have to capitalize on what resources you have so if a little room watches out on to a pretty garden, consider taking the window out and introducing porch entryways or French windows. You can likewise do this in a room, in spite of the fact that it is a smart thought to fabricate some sort of gallery or balustrade in the occasion you coincidentally falter through the entryway late one night and wind up splattered on the yard.

Hallucinations of Space
Mirrors don’t simply reflect light again into a dim room—they likewise make the figment of additional space. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes: from current sheets of reflected glass to antique mirrors with overwhelming plated outlines. You can blend and match mirrors to your heart’s substance. Hang reflects wherever there is space and the room will right away feel significantly bigger.

Reflected Doors
In the event that you have a little room, a simple method to make a space in the room is to swap plain closet entryways for sliding reflected entryways. Reflected closets fill a double need in the room—they influence the space to feel considerably bigger, in addition to you can utilize the mirrors to look at your look before taking off for a night on the town. It won’t keep you away from carrying out against mold, but rather, in any event, your room will appear significantly more open in the event that you are sufficiently fortunate to bring home a friend for the night.

Pale Colours Little rooms look best when finished with pale hues. Abstain from utilizing dull hues unless you need to make a feeling of comfortable closeness and stick to whites, creams and some other light shades from the paint palette.

For a light, splendid present-day home, exploit glass and mirrors to make space where next to no exist. Glass entryways and mirrors are a simple method to fill your home with light and space, regardless of whether it is no bigger than the normal shoe box.