Flats in Chennai - Common hints that shows Your Kitchen Needs an Upgrade

Apr 4

Common hints that shows Your Kitchen Needs an Upgrade

No matter whether you own a small size apartment, or a luxurious rooftop Penthouse apartment, the kitchen is always regarded as the most important room in your home; your kitchen fills in as the central meeting place and your family’s most important space. Here are some common indications that your kitchen needs an overhaul:

1. Cramped for Space

One regular indicator that your kitchen isn’t working for your family is that you as often as possible get yourself alone in it. If your family avoids what ought to be the informal family room, the design might be confined and contracting. Consider an open kitchen intend to free up space and support social connections.

2. Cleaning Nightmare

Kitchens ought to be a considerable measure of things, yet messy certainly isn’t one of them. Strategically messy formats, foolish space, and split; peeling surfaces can make kitchens difficult to clean. Put resources into new ledges, present-day machines, and quality deck that can be wiped clean when there’s no other option.

3. An excessive amount of Countertop Clutter

Ledges covered with appliances always make your kitchen as unappealing and useless. If you end up falling back on counter space to store utensils or nourishment, then you have to re-evaluate your capacity choices. Open ledges free of messiness make a vaporous and availing kitchen that empowers fast food arrangement and simple discussion.

4. Frequented House

Does your kitchen look and feel more like a spooky house than a place to cook nourishment? Absent or broken cupboard entryways split tiles, and trashy appliances can influence a kitchen to resemble a relinquished house. Breathe life into it back with a redesign.

5. Capacity Black Hole

While everything appears to be elusive and distant, your kitchen is confronting a capacity issue that may require another design. If a fraction of the time you spend cooking is squandered burrowing through distant cupboards or swimming into dim drawers it may be an ideal opportunity to begin arranging an upgrade.

6. Fate and Gloom

Kitchens should be warm and welcoming, yet nothing ruins your craving like squinting to see your nourishment. Awful lighting can make your kitchen inauspicious and discouraging. Under-cupboard and overhead lighting can change a boring kitchen into a shimmering social center point.

7. Kitchen Bumper Cars

At the point when in excess of one individual is engaged in setting up a dinner, always chancing upon them is in excess of an inconvenience. Ensure that your kitchen can oblige a group by making unmistakable workstations and growing ways of development.

There is a considerable measure of motivations to update your kitchenKitchen redesigns are a speculation that pays you back if you choose to offer an extraordinarily enhances the capacity of your home enabling you to love your space much more!

Villas for sale - Basement design remodelling in 2018: With much trends and styles

Mar 26

Basement design remodeling in 2018: With much trends and styles

Basements are still to a great extent underutilized in numerous homes crosswise in many countries. In countries like India, many householders rebuild the basement to mix with whatever remains of the home and give astounding extra living space to all individuals from the home.

We’ve noticed several trends come and go through the years; however, we needed to discuss a couple of awesome basement design rebuilding patterns that we feel is digging in for the long haul.

1. Open Floor Plan

Properly lighting a basement isn’t generally simple, particularly if you isolate the basement into particular rooms or areas. An open floor design gives you the chance to obtain light from every single other piece of the basement as required. The huge destruction of an open floor design is the way that there is no security if you were reckoning a man buckle or lady give in.

2. Enclosed Home Theatre

A family lives with an extra large flat screen TV is incredible, yet it doesn’t exactly rise to the astounding nature of a home theatre. An appropriately composed home performance centre incorporates stadium seating, comfortable chair seats with container holders, and an astonishing encompass sound framework.

3. In-Law Suite or Apartment

You never know when you might be put into a circumstance in which you’re requesting that your elderly guardians move in with you or in case you’re grown-up youngsters may require a place to live between employments. You could even lease the space out for an additional wage.

4. Walk-out Basement

Every basement is required to have an exit if there should arise an occurrence of a crisis. In any case, that isn’t exactly what we’re discussing here. The exit basement ought to be a dazzling arrangement of French entryways or sliding entryways that prompt a flawless porch.

5. Your Own Sports Bar

You knew we’d arrive, correct? Outline your basement, or a room inside it, with different enormous screens so you can stay aware of what’s happening in different regions while watching the amusement.

6. Home Brewery

A lot of property holders appreciate making speciality lagers to appreciate with loved ones who additionally brew darlings. Set up a bottling works zone in the basement so you can have your own private brew workshop.

7. Multi-Use Rooms

Every individual from the family needs their own space to get away from the hardship of regular day to day life. An individual library, for instance, could serve as a home office. Or on the other hand, a contemplation room could serve as a yoga room. Your own bar could serve as your home bottling works so everything is in that spot in reach.

8. A Place to Simply Relax

Fill your basement with agreeable furniture and delicate light. Include a encompass sound framework or a TV if you wish, yet center basically around unwinding and accept the open door to unplug and loosen up. Not only for basement improvements, even people who reside in individual houses and rooftop Penthouse apartments mostly have a space for relaxation in their home, more like a lounge or a mini leisure corner.

Hope the above-crafted basement design ideas benefit you with a wonderfully functional basement for your villas in Chennai.

Flats in Chennai - kitchen design errors to avoid

Mar 22

Kitchen design errors!!! You should avoid

When designing a kitchen, dwellers usually focus on design and functionality. While a perfectly planned design may seem incredibly appealing, but being functional during cooking, eating, and cleaning is equally important for a flawlessly ideal kitchen. The kitchen is just not a place for making a tasty meal; it is more than just cooking. Although design and functionality are mutually exclusive elements, trying to add a bit of both would make the kitchen a better part of any abode. In spite of where you live, is it Independent villas in OMR or any flats in Chennai, there are certain common kitchen design errors which you should avoid for the most part.

1. Too much of open shelving does not work all the time

Open shelving sounds great for most of the time. But truth to be said, it is not fairly gorgeous looking if you display all your favourite mugs and generic items. Be realistic while planning out the shelf arrangements. Take out all your good looking items front and display it in the center of the shelve. If you have glass shelving storage, then display the expensive items because the glass prevents it from falling and breaking. Also, hide the ugly looking items behind these or the closed-door cabinets.

2. Avoid too much of stainless steel and mix the door types

It is completely natural to purchase stainless chrome finishing pieces of equipment like the fridge, microwave, or dishwasher. But having everything in steel doesn’t look homey. Why do you want to still stick with chrome? Mixing all types can be authentic and highly logical. Having everything in stainless steel looks more planned. So mix it up, mixing doesn’t mean it should be shabby, make it look practical and neat.

3. Not allocating a proper space for the large appliances

An ideal kitchen must be designed in such a way that there is enough space for all benchtop appliances. Ensure you measure up all the large appliances so that the designer plans out the layout to store all the equipment in one place. Moreover, you should take something into account that not everything should be displayed on the top.

4. Give space for fridge doors to swing in and out

Most of the kitchens have fridge right against the wall. The problem with this comes while opening the fridge door. The disadvantage of placing it this way only allows the door to open 90 degrees. The worst case is that you might get the handle hitting the wall every time you open it.

To avoid this, you can keep a tall cabinet between the wall and the fridge. This could be the best solution for placing the fridge practically so far.

5. Failing to have proper lighting

In addition to the common lighting, you’ll need lighting for each work you do so you can see what you are doing without difficulty. Also, consider introducing pendant lights over the island and also underneath the upper cupboards to give your countertops a lot of light. It is not compulsory to have individual lightings for every task you do; you will likewise need the kitchen feel more energetic and vibrant than looking dim and melancholy. This is only recommended only if you are a person who spends a lot of time in the kitchen.

6. Paying too much attention to only current design trends

It is a good practice to check out the currently trending kitchen ideas to get a few brilliant ideas for making your kitchen stylish. But design is not the only motto here. Doing so can result in a design which would be outdated in a couple of years. Being functional can be logical and useful for longer than you think. Better you think the evergreen ideas in which the design will not be the only element to focus on. Functionality with wonderful design can bring you the really comfortable experience of having an incredible cooking experience. Bring out the best of functional and efficient culinary space in your home.


flats for sale - The pros and cons of rent your new apartment

Mar 14

This happens if you rent your new apartment

There are two different home buyers in the city. (A) The one who wanted to own a house and live in it. (B) One who buys and rents his house while he lives on the rent. Most of the buyers’ dream of living in their dream home for a long time and they achieve after so much effort. Buying a dream home is not only a financial matter, but is an emotional journey as well. On the flip side, there are buyers who prefer to rent their new house and continue living in rental apartments. Let’s dig deep to know the pros and cons of doing so.

In the metro cities, a huge number of people invest in residential properties developed in the suburbs and still they live on rent. Most of these people will put their apartments on rent. Such homeowners let out their properties for rent for various reasons.

(1) Buyers buy compact homes on the outskirts for a reasonable price with all basic amenities and live on rent in the central areas. I have noticed people living in the 2 BHK flats in OMR near to their workplace by letting out their new home for tenants.

(2) They would like to live as a nuclear family in a location where they have better infrastructure and connectivity.

(3) People continue to live on rents as their new flats might not have completely occupied all the units. The homeowners do not generally prefer less inhabited flat.

Besides all these reasons, homeowners should certainly understand the advantages and disadvantages of letting out their new apartments on rent.

Rent your new apartment - Advantages

When you decided to rent your new apartment, the one big advantage which comes to your mind is the additional income. The rental income is actually the main factor attracting so much of homeowners into renting out their newly bought apartments and Individual houses. For the most part, people buy Villas in interior areas and let out as a vacation property for tourists. Particularly, in Chennai, investors buy Apartments and let out for rent for the young career starters who work in the IT companies. They usually save this rental income for the post-retirement expenses after the deduction of tax from the net annual income.

The prices are unstable in the real estate market. There have been situations where prices went right down unexpectedly. However, the price of your property rises over time if you opt for the location where you could expect hikes. Sources say that the rise and fall of the properties are highly common in this real estate industry.

The disadvantages of renting out your new property

Besides the accumulation of additional income you earn through rents, there is yet a risk involved in letting out your apartments on rent. As the tenant continues to live in your apartment for more than 12 months, your property comes under income tax regulations.

How does this taxation work?

This tax implication has a direct financial benefit too. As there is a constant standard deduction means likely to deduct about 30% of your net annual value. This means, the value if the result of annual rent minus tax paid. For example, consider your annual income from the individual house property is worth of Rs.8 Lakhs. Imagine if have paid a municipal tax of worth Rs.2 lakhs on the house. The total annual income will be Rs.6 Lakhs.

Besides the tax, homeowners have to safeguard and maintain their property. This comprises of making sure of your tenants are not causing any problems in the property. Make sure the tenants are not involved in rebelling and illegal activities by doing a proper background check as this might get you in a huge trouble unknowingly.