Sep 22

Home Improvement Tips That Every Owner Should Know

If you have owned a home you can’t call your property holder in case of any faults in your home like seepage or leakage in the wall. If you are planning to hire a professional or do it by yourself, before doing that it’s better to have thorough knowledge about home improvement so that you can run the project smoothly. Here I have listed few home improvement techniques which I had followed in my apartment in OMR, so I hope that you can also utilize these as a home owner:

Tip #1: Prepare an estimate to spend 15% more than your project cost.

Your project may be big or small but it is always ideal to prepare a budget in excess for future. Just make an inquiry about how much materials and labor will cost and then try to add 15%. If you will be opening up walls, you have to prepare an estimate even more in case of any surprises. If you saved that amount, you will be glad that you can utilize it for your next project.

Tip #2: Know how to use your utilities.

To tackle a plumbing project it is always better to shut off electricity prior to shutting off the water or an electrical project. Remember where your breaker box and shut-off valves are installed, so that you can complete the projects carefully.

Tip #3: To avoid big projects later, spend time on maintenance.

If you spend your time on maintaining it may avoid few headaches later. It’s wise to spend your money efficiently on actual concerns instead of fixing problems later so that you can save your money. Maintain a record of your annual & monthly maintenance on when to perform and follow that schedule.

Tip #4: Ensure whether you need a permit before you proceed.

Requirements may vary according to the state and city wise. If you try to avoid getting permission when it is necessary in your area, they might close your home and you will receive hefty fines.

Tip #5: Use a right screw to fasten.

You may have a temptation to use up whatever which is available in your scrap drawer, but using the right kind and size of your nail for your project is important. You should check up with the type of surface are you nailing or screwing into, the weight of the object you hanging something heavy, on the type of wall you hit and make sure that the fastener doesn’t get exposed to elements.

Tip #6: Put on the right safety equipment.

Wear right safety equipment before starting the project. Safety glasses and gloves will keep you safe against any danger, and if you are working on the roof, make sure you are using a safety strap up. Moreover, don’t forget to check equipment like ladders and saws to make sure they are working well before using them.

Tip #7: Know when to hire a Pro.

Every so often, it’s better to hire an expert than attempting a project by doing it yourself. While you might be able to complete any type of small do it yourself tasks, for greater home improvement projects, a professional might help you to avoid major problems in future.
There are contractors and handymen who have years of experience, and we’d love to talk to you today about your home improvement wish list. So if you have any queries please subscribe with us.

Flat in Anna Nagar

Sep 21

Money Saving Tips for Preparing Meals at Home

Everyone in your family might be busy, including you! Preparing meals doesn’t have to be another costly one, time-saving chore. I tried these simple ideas of preparing meals in my flat in Anna Nagar which ultimately saved my time and money.

A Cooker is a busy cook’s best companion

Most of the individuals use cooker for occasional roast or an annual dish for some particular time, but crock pots can be an excellent time-saver in the kitchen. It’s better to prepare a chicken or roast and make some vegetables cooked before you leave for work and you will have a hot meal ready to serve when you get back to home. It’s not just for roasts and soups either. Crock pots are mostly used for cooking chilly and even spaghetti sauce.

Let “chill” be your mantra

Follow this new rule in your kitchen. Make the habit of preparing double the recipes in your kitchen. Prepare one for tonight and store the rest for later. When you feel too lazy to cook one night, just get it from the freezer and heat it up.

Switch it up

It’s better to have breakfast during night and some other mindless meal, like bread or sandwiches for one night. It’s always better to have a light meal at nigh time.

Many dishes, one meat

If you feel boring to have the same meal again and again throughout the week then try to include chicken in your menu and try making some barbecue chicken and chicken salad to take it to work the next week or you can add it in your kids’ recipe.

Go for canned or frozen foods

It is easy to prepare canned and frozen vegetables as it can be stored for longer periods and you can add it as one of  your favourite recipes.

Prepare quite a lot of meals at once

Spare time amid the week by setting up your dinners on a day when you don’t have as much going on, similar to Saturday or Sunday. You can without much of a stretch thump out those evenings’ dinners in addition to get a kick off on whatever remains of the week. Place them in the cooler or ice chest, and after that all you need to do amid the week is take them out and warm.These are few alternate ways which will enable you to spare time and cash and have more opportunity to do the things you appreciate, for example, investing energy with your family.

Villas in Chennai

Sep 20

New Add-On to Include While Constructing a Villa in OMR

While constructing a new house or villa in OMR for yourself you will get an awesome opportunity to modify or include whatever you want. It is generally easy to add anything or make any modifications inside your home according to your taste instead of waiting till renovation until it is complete and performing a renovation. In order to save your money, it is better to add features to the home during the construction process. If you are committed to building your home have an idea about what features to add and consider adding them now.

Built-In Storage

It is easier to add built-in storage like cabinets, closets and under-stair systems which are easier to add when the home is being built. If you immediately select a new apartment which is more spacious than your old ones, you won’t think about needing extra storage outside of what it has, but someday you might want it. It’s better to add pull-out bays under the stairs, shelving in the garage, or closets in unused corners during the construction process.

Built-In Technology

In this modern life, technology is an essential part which is included in everyone’s life. From voice control for your lighting and Heating and cooling systems to add wiring inside your home for WiFi, you can try to add these features in your design plan. It’s better to run wiring right from the start so that you can enjoy the moment you enter into your home. You shall consider this for your home entertainment also. Make room for your television and run the cable wiring or DTH service before you need them, rather than waiting for a technician to install it. Add cable duct throughout the house so that it is easy to hook up everything when you move in. Also, ensure whether you have WiFi range on every side of your room.

Radiant Heat

It’s not a better idea to wake up and step on a warm floor as radiant heating makes it possible. Also, it is better to use radiant heating rather than using other heating options as it is energy efficient and it’s pretty cheap too. If you install it after your construction work, you may have to redo your work which leads to double the cost of installation.

Electric Vehicle Outlet

It’s better to have an electrical vehicle inside your home as who knows what type of technology will come in future, maybe you may need one in future. Adding a high-amperage outlet in the garage now during the building process means you can make the switch if you want. It also means you can sell your home to someone with an electric vehicle in the future.

Features for Your Pet

Built-in pet beds, doggie doors, food stations and even kennels in your garage can all be added during the building process and worked into the overall design of the house, instead of looking for an add-on after the construction work is done.

Earth-Friendly Designs

Have you been considering solar panels, or are you looking to add reduced-flow water faucets? Whether it may be small or large, energy-efficient, earth-friendly design features can improve the environment of your home, and reduce your electricity bills at the same time. To count on choosing Eco-friendly paint and flooring options, consider using features that will make your home more efficient. Some of these features, like low-flow toilets, should be automatic. If you want to install a toilet and a shower top, so why not choose Eco-friendly options instead of standard normal ones?

Central Vacuum

Nothing’s quite as convenient as having a vacuum already installed in your home. With a central vacuum, you’ll never have to fumble with getting the vacuum out when you need to clean your space. By totting up a central vacuum when you construct, you can put it in the apt location, centrally located with the motor in a quiet, hidden spot in the home that will not separate you from the delight of your home.

You chose to build instead of buy so that you could personalize your home. It’s better to take some time to add all the features you could probably want in the future and put in them now. You will be happy you did as you enjoy in your home that has everything you need, and few things that you want, without thinking about your future remodeling hanging over your head.


Villas in Chennai

Sep 16

Community Garden: A Villa Neighborhood Bonus!

Many villa or apartment dwellers don’t get a chance to take care and maintain a plush green space. If people don’t have a farm house of their own, they need a garden or a park nearby to help fill that gap. Lots of cities are now coming up with an idea of constructing and maintaining community parks or gardens which are helpful for gardening hobbyists and enthusiasts.

Here are 5 advantages of having a community garden near you:

1) Fresh food near you

If you are maintaining a garden in your community then you are working together to plant all varieties of plant species. If you plant many vegetables in your garden, it will produce plentiful results. You will get some fresh food to eat and share it with your neighbours in your community. If the yield is extremely huge, then you can donate it to orphanages or non profit government organizations on behalf of your community.

2) Best Opportunity to socialize with your neighbors

Community gardens are about working together and sharing the benefits from the garden. So, they encourage communication with your fellow neighbors. Many local organizations organize events to discuss the operational aspects and plan on collectively investing in the garden. If the yield is good, some even work together with farmer’s markets to sell plants and vegetables.

3) Great bustle for kids

There will be many kids living in your apartment community. Working in a garden will be an awesome chance for them to learn. A garden is a great chance for them to sharpen their work ethic and show their sense of responsibility.. Kids generally love to keep their hands in mud by planting trees and picking vegetables and the same affinity is put to use in a good way here.

4) Beautifies your surroundings

Community gardens entirely change the visual look of your surroundings, turning a dull lot into a joyful green space that is appealing to look at. Obviously, the sense of community and teamwork is showcased in a community garden.

5) Can create a center of attention to wealthy neighbors

Residents in a high-income bracket get attracted to the areas which have community gardens surrounded nearby. It may be young bachelors or empty nesters, garden enthusiasts are looking to be a part of their communities with gardens to stay healthy. If your nearby residents are from a high-income bracket then it will not be difficult for them to contribute to maintaining a community garden.

There will be a plenty of benefits on being a part of a community garden. If you’re looking for a chance to be a part of a community or trying to learn how to plant a garden, apartments and villas with community gardens will surely give you plenty of opportunities. One such community in Chennai which I saw recently was Alliance Humming Gardens villas in OMR which comes with awesome amenities such as hydroponic gardens which is a major highlight of that community.