villas in chennai - Comparison between Gated community & an Independent villa

Oct 26

Comparison between Gated community & an Independent villa

If you have a plan of buying a home, then you will find yourself asking a question about what you want to go for – a villa in a gated community or an independent one. Both will have some pros and cons finally it depends on your requirements and needs. If you have an idea for your dream home, then independent villa in porur will be more apt for you. In other cases, if you are looking for facilities around your home, then gated community would be suitable for you. Here are few important aspects to think about before coming to a conclusion on what to choose between them.

1. Location:

The final decision between gated community villa and an independent house will be purely based on the area where you have decided to purchase your home. To illustrate if you are preparing to purchase a flat in any one of the top metro hubs like Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai the living in a gated community would be the best option as an individual villa will cost some crores. Besides finding a plot in your favorite location is a tough task. In the event, if you have decided to buy an independent house then go for Tier II cities where you can get your land at a reasonable price.

2. Legal issues:

Due to increase in the rate of property frauds and conflicts, purchasing a home in a gated community is the best choice. Some builders would have a separate team to look after various legal issues and needs. This notably reduces the possibilities of legal conflicts. Otherwise, if you are purchasing your own plot for constructing an independent villa in OMR  you should have your own legal advisors and this will raise the ownership cost. If you have decided to deal it on your own, then you have to take calculated risks.

3. Single vs Many:

If you see in an average gated community there will be lots of people living in it. By taking into account it gives occupants of a gated community more hit in their immediate environment. For example, joint decisions will be taken by local authorities and occupants in a gated community will be best for taking better decisions in the best way. Resolving day to day issues like electricity and water scarcity can be accelerated in gated communities.

4. Home Upgrade:

Suppose you may have in mind to make any alterations or to increase your space in your home. If you have anything like that in your mind, it’s better to go for an independent villa in kelambakkam. Changes like that in an apartment are impossible and would be difficult one. Where in a villa you have more room to make any modifications like expanding your rooms and changing designs.

5. Annoying neighbors:

If you purchase a house in a community, then there is a 50 percent chance of having an annoying neighbor by your side. There may be some neighbors who play a music loudly, their pets and there are many reasons which you don’t like your neighbor. On another side if you live in an independent villa in power you can manage any type of neighbors, whether they may be good or bad and don’t have to adjust, as you can decide what kind of friends and guests to come to your space.

6. Security:

You will feel comfortable in your home only when you feel secure. If you are looking for a home with secured environ then gated community would be the best option. Where in the case of an independent villa you have to face solely with these types of issues.So, home in a gated community is always safe when it comes to security.

7. Maintenance cost:

Many people in gated communities are legally compelled to pay maintenance charges monthly despite of the fact, whether you use that amenities or not. Like you might not use the lift as you are residing in the first floor or may be the swimming pool but, this charge will still be there in your maintenance bill list. There may be many such which you might not know while paying. Where in the case of an individual villa you will have total control over these charges.

8. Social life:

Living in a gated community can help you meet a new group of people where some people keep visiting frequently and even share their space with their neighbors. Where in the case of the independent villa you don’t have such option. So you might have clearly understood that it will be purely based on your decision whether to buy a home in a gated community or in an independent space. It’s better to ask your family members as they may be along with you and also get some ideas from your friends and colleagues. Have some time to go through all facets so that you can select the right one.


flats in chennai - Apartment Insurance : Why it is really needed?

Oct 25

Apartment Insurance: Why it is really needed?

Whenever people move into a new apartment, they feel excited and they will start doing all decorations, unpacking, and they will get adapted to that environment in a short time. But still, you need to be prepared to face the problems in the future and this is really important. Some people think that apartment insurance is unnecessary and it’s an additional expense, but if you have experienced any natural disasters like flood, earthquake or fire, then you will realize the importance of apartment insurance.

And there are many people who live in various apartments in Chennaiexperienced all these things last year and then they came to know the importance of the insurance now only. Here, let’s discuss few things about how the apartment insurance will help you in your hard times.

Why do you need Apartment insurance?

As you know, many apartment communities will have an own insurance for their apartment, but it is applicable only to the dwelling and the structure and not the other things. It shows that, if there are any flood, fire and damage. This apartment policy will never cover items like computer, etc which means all your personal belongings. And even it will not help you for any kind of repairs or replacements which you make in your home.

What should I do?

If you want to have an apartment insurance, there are two choices which are available to you:

1. Insurance Policy:

Your Insurance policy will help you if there is any theft, fire or damage. But, this will not help you if there is an earthquake or floods. So, it’s your responsibility to discuss all your concerns and ask your agent if you have any concerns and you need to be very clear before you initiate this process.

2. Liability Coverage:

And this is the other policy which will protect you if there is any damage which is caused by your side. I will explain you with an example, if you leave your cooking unattended and causing the fire to your neighbor’s home. The damage caused over there and you could be the person who is responsible all these damages which are happening. This liability coverage will help if you are in relation to that and even all your defense costs will be covered under this liability coverage.

What does this Insurance cover?

Even though if you pay a deductible since you agree to pay at the start of your policy. Most of the insurance policies will cover the following:

a. The personal belongings

It includes from your dress to your laptop. But, this policy may have few limitations for specific items like Electronics. And if you have certain items, which you’re concerned about. For example, if you have an expensive bike, you may want to include it as an additional coverage.

b. Loss of use

If something happens in your apartment accidentally, that made your space unlivable, like a fire or water damage and this is considered as “loss of use” in the insurance policy. This policy covers if you’re staying in a hotel or the living expenses (food) till your apartment is getting repaired.

c. Liability for accidents

Like the kitchen fire which happened due to unattended cooking, which ruins your neighbor’s ceiling and your house too. This liability coverage ensures that you’re protected from any negligence on your part that causes any harm or damage.

For an example, if your friend visits your house and breaks their leg because of the chasing dog. And if your dog bites the child in the next block? This will be covered by your liability insurance.

I know, this may seem annoying to have to shell out, but it will really help you at some point. The apartment insurance is more affordable than replacing everything yourself if something happens suddenly. And there are many flats in Chennai where people experienced all these problems in their life. So, this is the right time to realize and make it at least now!

apartments for sale - Benefits of Living in an Apartment

Oct 25

Benefits of Living in an Apartment

Many people wish to get settled in cities and they have to choose an apartment to lead their lives in a city. And maybe you are one among them.  As you know, there are many pros and cons in an apartment but still, there are many luxury apartments in Chennai, which can offer you a great environment and a better lifestyle. When you make this decision, there is something which you should consider like the needs of your family, budget, amenities, location and much more.

Sometimes the decision, searching for an apartment and booking the right one isn’t that easy though. But, if you choose a potential one, then it will be a good asset for you. Here, we’ll discuss some of the benefits of people living in an apartment.


Some people will afford a car, a bike or even a cycle. Few locations will require a car if there is no connectivity to buses. So, you need to choose a right location which has good connectivity, proximity and good road facilities. And if you are starting a new job, then you should be in the center of the city. If your apartment is in the desirable city location, then it will be easy for you. Living in a flat will be good if you want to experience a city’s nightlife. Because many people love to experience it!


Now a day, you can find all the world-class amenities in an apartment. You will find a fitness center, play area, clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis court, conference hall, schools, supermarket and much more. All these amenities are available on the apartment premises. Many of the apartments often come with all these things.


People expect more privacy and security when they are at home. And it is important to feel secure, that is why people prefer gated community apartments. One big advantage of living in an apartment is, it consists of several layers and this will be an added security. Many apartment complexes are secured with a code to enter the building when it is protected by installing CCTV cameras around it. Even many apartments will have an alarm and a lens and a lock on their front doors.


If someone is just starting their new job in a city, they may not know exactly where they want to live. But, it is easy for them to find an apartment even for short-term contracts. This helps you to move out with just one month’s notice if you want to change location immediately.


Living in an individual house will cost more than living in an apartment because this involves fewer costs and you don’t have to worry much and the apartment owner or association will be responsible for many critical problems which you find if you are living in an individual home.

So, it’s always better to choose an apartment for the living than an individual house. And there are many apartments for sale, which has world-class amenities at affordable prices. Just pick a right one and book today!


flats for sale in omr - Low Budget Homes - Best Choice for Constructors

Oct 25

Low Budget Homes – Best Choice for Constructors

Low- Budget compact homes is the best option in which both constructors and investors should prefer in today’s world. As per the research made by a few experts, due to the shortage of space in India most of the builders choose to construct low budget apartment in OMR for the buyers which will be the right choice as per the requirements of consumers as they prefer flats which fits their budget and at the same time should satisfy them in terms of quality.

As reasonable housing is getting a good response in India and government aim is to make everyone to adapt this type of concept. Most of the constructors and consumers most likely prefer low budget homes as there will be a good reach if they follow this type of trend.

Low budget homes can be easily constructed and is affordable, but many people prefer luxurious homes with better specifications. Since low budget flats are available at low cost it doesn’t mean that the quality differs or they may be multi-storey type of 20-25 floors.

One of the famous architects in India has set up her own firm in which they designed their plans in such a way that it was well suited for low budget consumers. She was the first women in India to prove that they are also capable of designing such a unique plan among other leading architects in India.

They designed low budget homes for homeless people as per the order given by the International Year of Shelter and the added benefit is that the buyers could customize the home according to their requirements and necessities. As many flats for sale in OMR, Chennai are of this type which the buyer are allowed to modify their home according to their needs.

Everyone needs a home which should have huge space as their usage differs from day and night and their usage may vary within a few years. So designers should match the requirement of people while designing low cost homes. With this type of low cost housing many people who are generally homeless might get a good chance to move into a new space. It should be a cosy multi-storey which should work well to have better interaction with the group. Even the government is providing subsidized loans and are treating low budget housing as an urgent requirement.

Similarly, some of India’s top developers have joined to make one of their new housing projects bearable to meet climatic changes. One of the leading architects of India have created reciprocal design index, which is well suitable and manageable to face external factors like atmospheric and weather changes in the community.

As nowadays it has been hard to live in our cities, so we have to treat them as business hubs and sustainability is the best way. We have to make use of land and resources properly by utilizing natural sunlight and fresh air and adapting to rainwater harvesting, so by this way it helps to eradicate all the issues.