flats for sale in chennai - kids bedroom design for small spaces

Jul 18

Kids Bedroom Design For Small Spaces

Your child’s room can be the most challenging room for you to design. And even more difficult if you have only a small space in your apartments in Chennai. But, the best thing is – this is the only room, where you can explore your imagination and be very creative to design. So, let’s get started with the kids bedroom design ideas right from the stage of planning.

Basic Decision to make first:

Before you begin with any work first give yourself some time to consider a few things.

1. Your child personality

Whatever you do for your kid room but if your kid does not like it all the things can go to do disaster. Before you start your design think of something which can reflect their personality. Think what your child would like to have in their room or simply ask them.

2. Consider their Age

We should consider this fact, that your kids are going to grow so fast beyond your imagination; that the room you are designing now, need to redesign again after some years, so try and anticipate the future before investing on any furniture and storage.

3. Pick a theme

The best way to pick a theme while your kids bedroom design is to check on their likes and dislike. See what is your kids passionate about, for example, if your kids like singing, you can add some instrumental set ups even a wallpaper would work here. These small things will lead you in the entire designing plan. Lastly, do not forget to add as much colour as you can, which helps to give brightness to the room.

4. Create an outlay

An outline of the design will help you to plan accordingly, such as the placement of their bed, cabinet, desk, storage, etc. Don’t stuff your kid’s room better leave as much as the empty spaces you can as your children need space to be imaginative and creative.

5. Think about safety

Safety of your kids, should remain your prime concern from the planning stage of your kids bedroom design. Get a light weight and round edges furniture to avoid injuries while playing. Cover the easy to reach power sockets. Don’t use heavy wall hangings or if using then, secure it the with preventive measures to avoid falling.

Choose Furnitures:

Consider many things while choosing their furniture such as Safety, Quality, Space occupied, theme based etc. Furniture will be very helpful when it comes to organizing your kids toys.

1. Bed

The Bed is the main equipment and a centre of attraction for your child’s room. A bunk bed can give a playful space to your kid and also it has loads of style and provides multifunctional built-in shelving, staircases and storage units. A foldable drawer bed can also be a good option as it will be useful even when your kid grow up.

2. Cabinet

The storage can be a very big issue in a kid’s room, better you select a cabinet with enough storage to keep all their toys and reduce the mess. You can go for numerous drawers so that you can change the use of it later.

The growing kids just love to scribble and spoil all the painting of the wall, this issue can be solved by using blackboard paint on the closet unit, this will give them a personal space and gives you relaxation.

3. Writing Desk

A small separate area with a desk for doing homework will be very efficient. Choose a chair or desk size based on the space you have. But if you have very limited space, then you can go for foldable one, which can be folded away when not in use.

Add Decor:

Décor will give your kid’s room a finishing touch and will bring the scheme’s design elements together.

You can check the basic checklists for the final touch such as Bed cover, Hanging Shelf, Rugs/carpet, Bean bag, Lightings, etc,. Every small things count on the look of the room

Hope these tips will help you to get an idea of decorating your baby’s room. By following these tips in your kids bedroom design ideas, you can save money, time and can efficiently use your small space in the process.


Apartments in Chennai - ways to spice up your rental kitchen

May 18

4 Effortless ways to spice up your rental kitchen

The most common issue every tenant feels is that they don’t get to revamp their rental spaces as they desire. With the frequent switching of rental spaces limits them from redecorating the place. Moreover, tenants are restricted to revamping or redecorating the rental space in most of the apartments in Chennai and other parts of India. Fortunate are those who buy individual houses of their own and redo as how they want their place to be.

In fact, the most used room of any house is the kitchen. This room is prone to high foot traffic as you cook on an average of three times in a day and expecting the space to be comfortable is an acceptable thought of any tenant. With limits surrounding in the renting life, you can still decorate your kitchen as you want without revamping the structure. Here are a few possible ways to spice up your rental kitchen feel like home by adding some personality.

1. Create your own colour scheme

Creating an organized colour scheme builds the aesthetic beauty of the kitchen naturally. This is one of the easiest way to put all together. Rather than painting the whole kitchen with one single colour, try to match the personal items such that it coordinates with each other. Creating a cohesive colour scheme can make the kitchen feel homey rather than the usual rental one. For instance, match up the colours of the stools to the plates and glassware in the kitchen. If you want a black colour scheme, then try to coordinate the colours of the equipments in the kitchen. This creates a well-organized view effortlessly. Rather, focusing on the small hues and shades and matching up accordingly makes a wonderful colour scheme which is irreplaceable by painting. You can concentrate on tiny parts of the kitchen and match up can create a detailed and finest kitchen interior ever!

2. Attractive furniture is the way

Furniture adds some visual interest to the interior design of the kitchen. You may have to buy a few pieces if you live in the semi or unfurnished rental apartments. Besides the ornamental decoration, including unique and attention-grabbing furniture to the kitchen can really appear appealing. Make a statement with bold and unified colour scheme furniture and create a focal point. If you cannot match the colours to the interiors of the kitchen, then play safe by coordinating shapes. Out the regular geometric shaped furniture, try something interesting pieces with shapely curves and elegant designs. If possible, coordinate at least two hues in the kitchen such that it doesn’t look out of place.

3. Layer the floor with a rug

Adding a rug to a rental kitchen adds an additional protection by layering the floor space. Rather than going through a series of flooring options, try to sketch out the best rug possible for your rental kitchen. However, it is impossible to revamp the floors as you have limits being a tenant. Instead, pick the rug of a proper size and colour that matches the scheme you’ve created with colours and furniture already. This improves the aesthetic view of the kitchen by half. Rugs can improve the appearance of the kitchen which most of the decorative ways fail to do.

4. Match with the wall art

The kitchen is no exception in the list of rooms to include a wall art. Choose a wall art that reflects your personality and taste. Include a wall art in the kitchen that imparts your character and choices to boost the charisma of the kitchen. Try something of a piece that connects with the colour scheme you desire to have. You can either hang or place it in the existing shelve to make a gallery wall art if you are living in spacious apartments.

Rental spaces are the places you pay for; making it homey is completely your personal choice. Hope these ways can help you improve the interiors of your rental kitchen that transforms homier and feel like it’s yours. Add a bit of your own creativity and innovativeness to make the best out of the space and transform your rental space into one of those luxury Gated community villas in OMR you dream of.


Apartments in Chennai - Pros and cons of installing glass doors

Apr 25

Are you installing glass doors for your home? Check this out!

Are you planning to install a glass door to the front of your house? It is unquestionably a great choice for modern homes. Glass doors add a contemporary and urbane look for the exterior of the house. If that is the case, then never forget to know its advantages and disadvantages of glass doors which is a skipping choice for the regular wooden front doors in India.

Ask yourself a few questions before even considering this plan. Such as how well it contributes in offering you the privacy and safety you need. Do they require maintenance frequently? Is this really the favourable option for the front door?

You might have a lot of questions running through your mind while making the best possible decision as a homeowner. So let’s get to know the advantages and disadvantages of glass doors and you can make a sensible decision out of it.

Are they really safe?

The glass is a breakable material and is prone to cracks easily. Low-quality glass doors are not as strong & hard as wood. Burglars can easily break the glass and enter your house. This is the main reason why most Indians don’t prefer glass doors. But this can be solved by installing double-paned glass for the doors.

Another obvious reason is that it lacks to provide privacy. They allow trespassers a great view into your house and make it extremely easy for the robbers to check whether someone is at home or not. This is another significant reason people are still afraid to consider glass doors. It can be solved by fixing curtains to prevent people having a direct view.

The location and neighbourhood keep people from installing glass doors. These days most of the apartments and villas in Chennai OMR, Bangalore and other metro cities in India are developed in gated communities. These communities provide 24/7 security so you don’t have to have the fear of burglars.

Is it wise to install glass doors between living room and balcony in apartments?

Glass doors can save a lot of space and inflows natural light into the rooms. If you are living in high-rise apartments in Chennai those with living rooms leading to a beautiful balcony, then using glass doors as a divider is the best choice. You can enjoy the view sitting on the sofa in the living room.

In case of regular doors, you can often open the door to let in some sunlight. Also, a room without light looks dull and boring. In this circumstance, glass doors are the perfect solution. Don’t know how? For example, the effect of air conditioning is reduced when you open the doors during summer, while the rain ruins your apartment through an open door during winter. You can let in the light unimpeded by fixing glass doors dividing balcony and the living room or bedroom.

Also, remember to use well-insulated glass doors coming with UV protection. This helps in keeping your electricity bill low. The reason is usually the glass doors increase warmth inside the room by letting in sunlight.

Would glass doors make your home spacious and stylish?

People living in small houses may know spaciousness is all about visual illusion. Letting in sunlight in a room makes the room look spacious than it actually is. Wooden doors block the sunlight, whereas the glass doors help in amplifying the brightness of the room making the house look more spacious and airy. Another added advantage is that glass for front doors looks more stylish than any other doors. The amount of light in the room decides the overall ambiance of the room. The higher the natural light, more it enhances the beauty of the interiors in the room.


Flats in Chennai - why real estate is the best investment option

Apr 9

5 Unheard reasons why real estate is the best investment option

In an ideal world, each and every individual’s end goal is to settle in life with complete financial stability. It is such security, they long for where they would prefer not to confront any moment poverty stricken throughout everyday life. In the journey of making this dream come true, people search for investment options in the country. In such a case, real estate investment in India is the best investment option so far with low risks involved. Why has real estate become the ideal investment option in India? Here are a few reasons to find out why real estate investment is the best option in India.

1. It is the safest option:

Why is real estate viewed as the safest option? After all years of working hard, people generally seek reward which feels solid in their hands. Regardless of limitless bank balance, the feel of inner security is only attainable if you own a physical asset. It is a human nature that they need to see, touch and feel something. This is the reason people put resources into purchasing real estate properties. It gives such fulfillment from within and also you feel secure in knowing there will be sure price appreciation in the future. This is why the regular professionals owning regular flats in OMR feel more secure than someone who has a boundless bank balance.

2. You not only own a property, you control everything:

When you finally own a property fighting as a long-term tenant, you no longer live under someone’s rules. Owning your own particular property brings you more control. Just you have the expression of control whether to offer, purchase, expanding rents and everything. Another noteworthy reason confirming real estate investment is involved with fewer risks. Regardless of the external factors influences the real estate, at last, you are legitimately in charge of the decisions you make.

3. It is the finest investment with excellent tax benefits:

Even if the property is vacant, the property owners can claim a deduction of up to 2 Lakhs on their home loan interest. On the off chance that you have a rental investment property, then the entire sum you pay for the home loan is termed as a deduction. Remember to take account of all the expenses of the maintenance, rental repairs, utilities, and insurance on the investment property to lessen the taxes.

4. The returns are always in the increasing end:

One significant advantage of real estate investments which you can expect that the value of the properties will never decrease with time. When you buy flats in Chennai, the price of the unit will only get higher and higher over decades and never gets low. Property investments are proven as a stable and best investment option in India. The reason why we invest in properties is that they have never lost their value anytime. There is always a demand for housing units in all the countries. Thus, only properties have greater stability than any other possessions.

5. It serves as the best retirement plan:

Traditionally, owning a property is not only an investment but it is a matter of pride for the most part. It gives the certainty and pride that you are never again reliant on an insecure element. Cases like retirements, individuals who are planning for a safe after-retirement life, real estate never cease to benefit you. It guarantees you an ensured secure future. If you plan and implement with a better knowledge of real estate, it would make the best investment option for a retirement plan for the upcoming years.