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Sep 16

Community Garden: A Villa Neighborhood Bonus!

Many villa or apartment dwellers don’t get a chance to take care and maintain a plush green space. If people don’t have a farm house of their own, they need a garden or a park nearby to help fill that gap. Lots of cities are now coming up with an idea of constructing and maintaining community parks or gardens which are helpful for gardening hobbyists and enthusiasts.

Here are 5 advantages of having a community garden near you:

1) Fresh food near you

If you are maintaining a garden in your community then you are working together to plant all varieties of plant species. If you plant many vegetables in your garden, it will produce plentiful results. You will get some fresh food to eat and share it with your neighbours in your community. If the yield is extremely huge, then you can donate it to orphanages or non profit government organizations on behalf of your community.

2) Best Opportunity to socialize with your neighbors

Community gardens are about working together and sharing the benefits from the garden. So, they encourage communication with your fellow neighbors. Many local organizations organize events to discuss the operational aspects and plan on collectively investing in the garden. If the yield is good, some even work together with farmer’s markets to sell plants and vegetables.

3) Great bustle for kids

There will be many kids living in your apartment community. Working in a garden will be an awesome chance for them to learn. A garden is a great chance for them to sharpen their work ethic and show their sense of responsibility.. Kids generally love to keep their hands in mud by planting trees and picking vegetables and the same affinity is put to use in a good way here.

4) Beautifies your surroundings

Community gardens entirely change the visual look of your surroundings, turning a dull lot into a joyful green space that is appealing to look at. Obviously, the sense of community and teamwork is showcased in a community garden.

5) Can create a center of attention to wealthy neighbors

Residents in a high-income bracket get attracted to the areas which have community gardens surrounded nearby. It may be young bachelors or empty nesters, garden enthusiasts are looking to be a part of their communities with gardens to stay healthy. If your nearby residents are from a high-income bracket then it will not be difficult for them to contribute to maintaining a community garden.

There will be a plenty of benefits on being a part of a community garden. If you’re looking for a chance to be a part of a community or trying to learn how to plant a garden, apartments and villas with community gardens will surely give you plenty of opportunities. One such community in Chennai which I saw recently was Alliance Humming Gardens villas in OMR which comes with awesome amenities such as hydroponic gardens which is a major highlight of that community.




Sep 16

How to transfer Electricity meter in your name?

As you know, many people are moving and getting settled in Chennai since the city is witnessing rapid growth in almost all the sectors. It is becoming the best choice of the people and it is considered to be one of the safest cities in India. Many people are willing to buy an apartment in Chennai to settle permanently and start a new life. If you have already owned a home in Chennai, then you have already made a good investment!


And here we will guide you on how to transfer the electricity connection to your name. Many people are facing difficulties and they’re paying bribes to do this. But, this process doesn’t involve any cash transaction which means you’re not supposed to pay any cash to an officer. And the process is pretty simple to follow and it is advisable to avoid illegal practices like bribing.

Here is the list of documents which are required for this process:

As you know, any of the processes which come under the control of government involves paperwork and documentation. In order to make the electricity connection transferred to your name, you will require some list of documents. You need to prepare and keep the papers before you initiate this process which means you have to do this before you visit the electricity board office.Have a view at the infographic provided where you can find the list of documents which are required and here is the list of documents which are required to initiate the process:

●      Card which is provided by the Electricity board

●      Original and a copy of the payment receipt of electricity bill which you paid at last

●      Recent copy of tax receipt

●      Attested copy of the sale deed of your home which is required to prove your ownership

●      Attested copies of address and ID proof

●      You will require a bond on stamp paper which has certain value, you can check the value in the official website

●      You need to get an NOC from the person(with whose name the electricity connection is running currently)

●      It is always better to take a picture of the electricity meter and have it with you for reference

 We have seen many people who have purchased their homes in Chennai and they find difficulties in transferring the electricity connection. Is this happening to you or your friends? All you have to do is to fill out a copy of the Form U and even that is available online. Fill it out along with all these required documents and take it with you.

If you are done with preparing all the documents, just visit the electricity board office which is near to your home. And you need to submit a request letter for this name transfer process and even submit the all the documents which you have prepared for this process. After that, the officers will guide you and you’re supposed to pay the fee and then collect the receipt for initiating the transfer process. Check the official website of the electricity board to find the charges levied for transfer of electricity connection.

After the payment, the officers will guide you for the further process. If you have submitted all the required documents properly, then the officer will direct the technician who would visit your home for inspection. After the payment process, you can check the status of this process online. It just takes only a week for the process to complete. Give it a week and the name change should be reflected by then. If not, visit the electricity board office along with the payment receipts and notify them about the delay. But, it is good to check the check the status online and after two weeks, you can go there directly because there are possibilities for a delay for sure. So, it’s better to check online every day until you see the reflection of the transfer.

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Sep 16

How to Find a Right Apartment at Affordable Price

When you are on a search for an apartment, lot of things comes to your mind like location, neighborhood, amenities, quality and features, and one of the most important goals: an apartment with reasonable price. But how to find the best apartment at an affordable price? It’s better to ask for payment break up to know what costs them for setting the price of a unit. Even the same units could be priced differently in the same building. Gain knowledge of these ins and outs, so that you can figure out how to land on an affordable apartment.


When it comes to real estate, location is the first thing that comes to mind to remain true in an apartment complex. There are two factors which have a major impact on price.

Mainly stairs have a major impact as this can be a selling point because they are heavily used all day and night and may be less expensive. If not, it may be more, for a couple of reasons.

1. The end unit is likely to be less noisy from the outside.

2. You have one ‘free wall’ which you don’t share with any neighbours.

The secondary thing is view as this can be a major factor when determining the price. An apartment with a view of the lake, lagoon or garden typically has more demand than those with a view of the garage. When thinking about the view, consider:

1. Which story is the unit on? Higher often it is, offers a better view.

2. What side of the building is the unit facing?


When you walk into an apartment, how well it is? Is there recessed lighting equipped with dimmer switches or regular ceiling lights? How many windows are there to let in sunlight? The lighting in the home can make the unit bright and invite or like a cave. This is a determining factor in the price. If you’re willing to make concessions, you can possibly save on the rent.


Recent customization will generally demand a higher price tag, so if you see a project that’s underway, and you want to save cash, ask for a unit that hasn’t been renovated yet. Forgo the energy-efficient windows or impressive closet.

Motivated Managers:

Property managers want to get those empty units rented. Sometimes, they have some wiggle room to get the job done. So, if you know you can live in a less desirable unit, you always have the option of asking if the price is negotiable.  Know what the neighboring complexes are charging; this can also help you make your case. When I was in a search for a flat in pallavaram , these are the tips helped me a lot in finding the right one, hope this helps.


Sep 16

Why do you need to link Aadhar Card and PAN Card?

Hope everyone filed your income tax return and did you link your Aadhaar with PAN Card? Not yet? The government has made it compulsory to link. Just do it as soon as possible otherwise, they will not process your income tax return. There is a deadline for making this linking process and if you didn’t do that, then your tax returns will not be processed by the tax department.

Here are the steps to link your Aadhaar card with PAN card:

  • Just log on to the income tax e-filing website
  • Click on the “Link Aadhaar” and visit that page
  • Fill in your Aadhaar number & PAN number
  • Fill in the details as provided in your card
  • Enter the captcha code and just click on  ‘Link Aadhaar’
  • After the verification, your Aadhar card will get linked with PAN card
  • Make sure that your  gender and date of birth should be same on both cards

And if you find any mismatch in the details provided on your card, an OTP will be generated and sent to your registered mobile number, and then it’s done. If there is a huge mismatch, then you need to make the changes in any one of the cards. It can be done even through SMS and it is again a very simple process.




Benefit of linking Aadhar card with PAN card: For Individuals

  • It helps in tax filing
  • And it helps to curb the black money
  • It helps in getting pension through the Employees’ Provident Fund
  • It helps to get LPG subsidies and to avail the benefit of the social schemes
  • The government wants to change everything as digitalized

Benefit of linking Aadhar card with PAN card: For the government

  • Through this Aadhar and PAN card linking, there is a less chance for an individual to have more than one PAN card
  •  It helps the Income Tax Department for detecting tax evasion
  • Easy organization of income tax returns
  • It helps to avoid cancellation of the PAN card
  • This provides summarized tax details with a unique identification number and this can be used by the government for future reference

These are the steps taken by the government in achieving economic growth in our country. This is why linking the PAN card with Aadhar card is really important. If you do this linking, the government can cut down the cash circulation and help the economy to get stronger. Help the government to eliminate the black money by linking your Aadhar card with PAN card!

How will home buyers get benefited in Income tax filing?

As you know, there is a benefit for the home buyers when they are filing their Income tax return. This is because buying a home will help you to lower your tax bill and it will cut down your interest and property tax portions of your mortgage payment.

Buying a home obviously benefits you and it’s a good time to buy a flat in Chennai. Considering all these in mind, book your dream home and avail all these benefits now!