Humming Gardens villas in omr

Jun 5

Luxury homes, Humming Gardens Villas in OMR, Chennai.

If hunting for a perfect living experience is hard in Chennai, then you haven’t visited Humming Garden Villas in OMR.
Being a resident of Chennai, it is a known fact that independent houses have been a traditional favourite. Owning just any Villa in Chennai is not enough. One has to find the right one, and Humming Gardens Villas in OMR is just the right choice.
Humming Gardens is worth every rupee for many strong innate reasons. The quality that has gone into these Villas in OMR and its affordability are factors that outsmart competition.
A striking, dynamic and verdant space of 30 acres cultivating a particularly delightful life. A gated community Villas in Chennai amidst a rich assortment of vegetation.
Why is Humming Garden Villas in OMR your perfect choice?

•Luxury villas in Chennai with contemporary architecture
The size and luxury of Villas in Chennai mainly depend on the size of the family and socio-economic status. However, the choice for the home buyer remained largely between apartments. Those that preferred a tranquil, classy Villa life hardly had a choice. All that changed with the launch of Alliance Humming Gardens Villas in OMR.

•Garden and Green space
These Villas in OMR are designed in such a way that it provides enough space for a hydroponic garden in ones terrace and balcony. Have any favourite vegetables, fruits or flowers that you want to grow? Humming Gardens Villas in OMR provides you with complete control over your garden within your exclusive villas.
These Exclusive Luxury Villas in Chennai also comes with a fully grown coconut grove, a mango orchard and a community farm. All of it adds up to the greenery quotient of the Villa enclave, leading to more pollution-free air. 3 acres of the 30 acre land are solely for greenery and has over 5 gardens in the area.

•South India’s Largest Outdoor Gaming Arena in a Residential Enclave.
These Villas in Chennai have accommodated themselves with South India’s largest outdoor gaming arena in a residential area. It is a first and the best and is a part of a community of Villas in OMR. It is a major attraction today when space for physical and quality activities is constantly diminishing in Chennai.
Humming Gardens is both smart on price and great in value. Today this Villa community drives the category of stylish Villas in Chennai that standout among the most eco-friendly residential spaces.
It won’t be wrong to state that it stays the best among other Villas in OMR today. Phase I is sold out and Phase II bookings are open.
As of now, many have taken the opportunity and grabbed their Villas in the community. Being Luxury Villas in OMR, you cannot expect or even anticipate the stock to last long.
If you are now looking for Villas in Chennai, don’t miss these Villas in OMR; Humming Gardens. Look up the details as soon as you can.


villa in OMR - Few Things To Check Before Moving to New Villa

Jun 2

Looking for Luxury Villas in OMR, Chennai?

If yes, you are going to be among the fortunate few that own Villas in Chennai, provided you act fast. Because Villas are the rage of those that love exclusivity, quality, more space and freedom to own, alter and sell their property at will. And to own a Villa in OMR further makes you cream of the cream.

Villas In Chennai For The Exclusive

Until recently, Villas were a rarity in Chennai. But with leading quality developers such as Alliance began launching premium Villas in Chennai, Villa aficionados suddenly have some rich variety to choose from. Of all the Villas in Chennai currently on offer, Humming Gardens; the Luxury villas in OMR make a matchless pick.

HUMMING GARDENS: The Villas In Omr For Those That Value Authentic Villa Living 

OMR turned a much sought-after residential location as soon as the neighborhood turned home to Chennai’s IT majors. The majority of the people working in the IT parks are mostly looking for an apartment. But, there are many people opting for a Villa for a lifetime luxurious investment. And with Alliance Humming Gardens launch right on OMR, the problem of affording an individual house is not just a dream anymore.

This Villa community today leads the category of stylish Villas in Chennai that ranks one of the most eco-friendly residential spaces with a plenty of greenery too. It won’t be an exaggeration to say it stays the best Villas in OMR today. Small wonder, Phase I is sold out and Phase II bookings are open. Many have already picked up their Villas in the community. Being luxury Villas in OMR, you cannot expect the stock to last long.

The Worth And Value Of Villas In Chennai

Worth is often the value of everything that goes into anything you buy. That’s why before we buy we generally ask “Is it worth the price”? In other words, Villas in Chennai are worth your money any day. When it comes to evaluating the sum total of the quality and quantity of things, skills, talents, efforts, intelligence and care that go into what we buy.

Going for a Villa in Chennai is worth your money, both in the short-term and long-term. More so, when it comes to a Villa in OMR. Humming Gardens, for example, is worth your money for many strong intrinsic reasons. The quality that has gone into these Villas in OMR outsmarts competition.

Higher Appreciation Potential Of Villas On Omr

The appreciation potential of Villas in OMR is far greater than any other you can think of in Chennai. As the demand for Villas in Chennai stands more than supply, you stand to appreciate it better and faster than an apartment. Besides, you have total control over your property unlike an apartment. Humming Gardens; the luxury Villas in OMR stays ahead of others of its kind for many good reasons.

So, if you are looking for Villas in Chennai do not miss out on Humming Gardens; the Villas in OMR. Check out the details as soon as you can.


Humming Gardens Luxury Villas in OMR

Jun 1

Luxury Villas in OMR, Chennai – Built of Dreams

If a dream Villa at a dream location in a dream environment describes your desire, you are looking for Alliance Humming Gardens. This Villa enclave of over 30 acres of lush green gardens comes right on OMR; a dream location for anybody who looks to settle down in style in Chennai’s IT corridor. These are luxury villas in Chennai that are built on your dreams. They say the universe has our backs. Your dream comes true for real if you believe in it and make a commitment to bring it to fruition. That is the power dreams and commitments you make to yourself hold. “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right”, Henry Ford reminds us. So if you have been cherishing this dream of Villas or Villas In OMR, Chennai, you have never been this close to your dream as you do now. HUMMING GARDENS: VILLAS IN CHENNAI Set in the midst of gardens, vegetable farm, coconut and mango groves, Humming Gardens stay quite distinct from other Villas in Chennai. First and foremost, it is the green environment that envelops the project that distinguishes Humming Gardens from other Villas in Chennai. The pollution-free lung space in the enclave translates to good health. Now, isn’t that a dream in Chennai’s urban upsurge? Meeting Increasing Demand For Villas In Chennai Humming Gardens meets the increasing demand for Villas in Chennai. That marks a clear shift of preference in a section of the upwardly mobile new generation of professionals from the apartments. The complete property rights over the plot and the structure that Villas represent is a huge draw. As a result, you enjoy a freedom that the apartments do not allow you to. Isn’t that your dream too? It Top The List Of Luxury Villas In Chennai Humming Gardens Villas top the list of luxury Villas in Chennai. The features-rich enclave offers not just ordinary amenities. Apart from quality club house for indoor games and socializing facilities these luxury villas on OMR comes with South India’s largest outdoor ever arena in a residential community with adventure games infrastructure. No other Villas in Chennai come with the world-class luxury amenities that Humming Gardens does. These Villas In Omr Are For Sale People that love luxury Villas at sensible price see the value Humming Gardens Villas in Chennai represent. You cannot afford to miss out on this opportunity either. Now is the time to book your luxury Villa in OMR if you are a prudent investor who loves the finest fine living in a Villa in Chennai.

Meeting Increasing Demand For Villas In Chennai


premium villa omr

Dec 7

7 Reasons to Choose a Premium Villas from Humming Gardens, OMR

REASON 1:  The Premium villas You Choose To Settle Down, Should Yield Lifelong Value

OMR, for instance, emerges a natural choice for IT professionals seeking to settle down around their workplace. As it falls on Chennai’s IT corridor, OMR caters to the IT pros with its fast developing physical and social infrastructure. OMR has all the makings of a new-generation hotspot. Preferably one should look for a house bang on OMR, rather than some distance in the inner-land, away from OMR. Humming Gardens outsmart all the rest on OMR on this count. It locates you bang on OMR, near Kelambakkam junction. You save on considerable time and energy in daily commute.


REASON 2:  The Environment You Live In Impacts Quality Of Life You Live

Even if you live in the heart of the city with all conveniences within your easy reach, it does not necessarily mean that you now live in an ideal environment fit for fine living.  The ideal environment is that which contributes to the quality of air you get to breathe, the quality of water you get to drink and quality of immediate surroundings you move about. Humming Gardens, as the name suggests, comes with 5 large gardens, a community farm, space for hydroponic gardens on balconies and terraces, a mango orchard and a coconut grove. All of these translate to an abundant supply of oxygen and an air quality free of pollutants. Spending most of your life in such an environment naturally protects you and your family from many of those fatal diseases pollution causes. After all, a good life is nothing but a healthy life.


REASON 3: Life Without Indulgence Is As Barren As A Desert

Even if you live in the most sought-after location and in a healthy environment, if you have nothing much to do other than gaze into the sky all day and night, your life, to say the least, is incomplete. Humming Gardens, true to its name, offer a variety of avenues to entertain yourself and keep yourself engaged in interesting activities without having to dig into your pocket. This Premium Villas commune comes with jogging track, for instance. And then, you have ample space for strolls through the large, cool and vivid gardens. You can indulge in your own private hydroponic gardens in your balcony and terrace at your own convenience. That’s not all. You have a community farm at Humming Gardens where you can collaborate with fellow residents to learn and indulge in organic farming, growing your own vegetables and fruits for your own consumption. By and by, it can turn into a rewarding engagement. You can rewind at mango orchard or coconut grove with family or alone or with fellow residents at will. If all of these do not excite you, you can hit south India’s largest outdoor games arena, which makes Humming Gardens Villa commune incomparably unique.


REASON 4: South India’s Largest Outdoor Games Arena In A Premium Villas Community

Adventure games arena at Humming Gardens make a unique attraction. It comes equipped with rope challenges, wall climbing and a host of others that help build character and self-confidence in children, and they help you escape the drab routines too. The range of games for both adults and children in the games arena gives you plenty of scope to escape boredom.


REASON 5: Indoor Games At The Club House

It is perfectly alright if you prefer indoor games to outdoors, because Humming Gardens Club house is the place for you. You can indulge in pretty much all conventional indoor games at the Club house. It is designed as per international standards. In sum, Humming Gardens Villa community is about activity-rich life.


REASON 6: Priced Lesser Than Apartments On Omr

That is the most compelling reasons of all to opt for a Humming Gardens Villa rather than an apartment on OMR. You get to upgrade your life by being a proud owner of premium a Villa at a price lesser than an apartment on OMR. Compared to what standard apartments offer you, a Humming Gardens luxury Villas comes packed with loads of premium value and yet it is priced so reasonably that you cannot let the opportunity to grab one slip your hands.


REASON 7: Fast Delivery Time

Construction works at Humming Gardens Villa enclave is moving at an incredible pace. It won’t be too long before handing over, going by the rate at which the construction is progressing, even as we speak.


The Environment You Live In Impacts Quality Of Life You Live