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Jun 13

RERA and Chennai Real Estate Investment Opportunities

The Real Estate Regulation and Development Act, 2016 (RERA), in force from May 1, 2017, builders in Chennai have a lot of reorganization to do as their fraternity across India. All residential and commercial projects in every State and UT now have to be registered with the Government as per RERA rules and regulations. Builders in Chennai will have to register their new Apartments/Flats in Chennai, Plots in Chennai and Villas in Chennai that they offer under RERA. RERA is intended to protect the interests of home buyers, promote transparency and ensure timely execution of projects. As per the Act each State and UT are to have its own Real Estate Regulatory Authority to frame Real Estate rules and regulations for themselves.

We are seeing a phase of transition in the Real Estate industry from a free-for-all to a regulated one. RERA will not only cover new launches, but also on-going projects that have not received completion/occupation certificates as yet. That includes Plots in Chennai, Apartments in Chennai, Villa projects in Chennai. Builders in Chennai will now have to register their ongoing projects with RERA before July 31, 2017. Alliance, Chennai’s leading Developer offers new Flats, Villas and Plots along with ongoing projects under RERA. With RERA registration they become safe and secure to invest in.

All under-construction properties and unsold inventory that would take 12 months and more to complete will have to be registered under RERA. These projects will have to comply with new RERA rules. How does RERA help you if you want to buy a house in Chennai?

RERA puts pressure on Builders in Chennai just as much as it does on other Indian builders on the management of the funds they collect from home buyers. It requires Builders in Chennai and all over India to complete their projects on time as well.

As RERA transfers your (buyer) cost of risks to Developers, prices of apartments, plots and Villas in Chennai are set to go up too. If you want to buy a home in Chennai, look for a RERA-compliant Developer and a RERA-compliant property to be on the safe side.

Demonetisation and RERA are expected to consolidate the Real Estate sector by wiping out a large number of small-time, unorganized developers in Chennai. So, buyers are cautioned not to bite the baits small-time builders offer on their on-going projects that are not registered under RERA. Alliance; Chennai’s leading builder welcomes RERA and feels empowered by the Act as it helps them stay ahead of competition in satisfying genuine buyers and investors such as you.

With RERA, your property investment in Chennai is getting safer than before. It is a good time to buy a home or invest in one. As Builders are under watch, they cannot take you for a ride anymore. Alliance leads among the Developers in Chennai offering you a luxury Villa in OMR and luxury apartments in Pallavaram and near Anna Nagar, besides DTCP approved plots in Oragadam, to name a few.

Now that RERA insulates you from fly-by-night builders, it is time to make prudent investments into a villa, plot or apartment in Chennai with a sense of certainty and clarity.

RERA and Chennai Real Estate Investment Opportunities

best builder in chennai

Jun 9

9 Factors that make Alliance Group – The Best Builder in Chennai

1. Customer’s Perspective:

Alliance is a company that puts itself in the shoes of their customer’s and looks at the construction business from an entirely new perspective. Their Villas and Apartments in Chennai are located in prominent areas like Porur and OMR just to name a few. Alliance group of builders in Chennai is a company that looks into the customer’s requirements. While looking for plots in Chennai to build your perfect home or while searching for luxury villas in Chennai, or even apartments for that matter, your first preference should be the projects by Alliance.

2. Quality and Trust:

One of the unique aspects of Alliance is that it is certified. The company has an ISO 9001 certification right from inception. It also has an accreditation from UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service). The UKAS accreditation certificate is recognised internationally and ensures that consumers and suppliers can have complete trust and confidence in the quality of goods and services. The company has been continuously and constantly gaining the trust of the customers and in turn, giving them what they need (quality and excellence). Alliance’s ability to excel will definitely bring it among the top construction companies in the near future. They have been creating perfect living spaces with quality, functionality and style. Be it luxury apartments in Annanagar or Villas in OMR, they have delivered the best the industry has to offer.

3. Affordability:

Unlike many other builders in Chennai, Alliance looks into the affordability of the projects they create. Pricing is of utmost importance to be it villas and plots in Chennai, or their apartments in Chennai. The villas on OMR or the apartments in Pallavaram are all classic examples of clever pricing.

4. Healthy Environment:

As a buyer, one would look at various things. A healthy environment is one such aspect that you look into. Alliance, being reputed builders has looked into every aspect and has made sure that they provide their customers with a space that is appropriate for a modern and comfortable living. To keep pollution at bay, all the projects by Alliance are set amidst lush green landscape with abundant vegetation and natural surroundings. This ensures for a healthy living experience.

5. Transparent:

Alliance has always been open and transparent in all their dealings and transactions, earning the trust of the people of India and establishing them as a confident and trustworthy organisation. The organisation has come up with many projects like villas in Porur, Apartments in Pallavaram or villa plots in Oragadam to meet the demands of the people. And in every step of the journey, they haven’t let down their customers down.

6. Architecture:

Alliance works with top architectural firms in the world such as Surbana International Consultants located in Singapore. SIC is one of Asia’s leading consultants in city planning, residential development, and the township and is part of most of Alliance’s projects. HOK, New York, which is one of the worlds’ leading architectural companies has also helped in designing projects. Projects in Chennai like villas in OMR and Porur and Luxury apartments in Pallavaram are some of the projects designed them.

7. Construction:

Every project of Alliance comes with ‘construction excellence’ that is assured and implemented by India’s topmost and largest conglomerates in engineering and construction. There is no second choice for Alliance and it chooses only the best for building out their projects. Every villa in Chennai or apartment in Chennai that is part of the Alliance Group is constructed with the best in the industry.

8. Ventilation and Serenity:

Though most of the projects in Chennai by Alliance is located in popular and major hubs in the city, they are built in ways that only give comfort to the buyers. If you have noticed projects like the villas in OMR and the apartments in Pallavaram, you can see that they are all constructed in such a way that the supply of sunlight and fresh air is not hampered. Not just by planting trees around the projects, but also through clever planning and execution.

9. Thoughtful amenities:

Alliance also looks into the needs of not just you but also your children. Every project by Alliance offers varied amenities for the entire family. With world-class clubhouses, parks, gaming arenas, landscaped gardens in all their projects, you are sure to experience new things every day. The villas in OMR have South India’s largest outdoor adventure and gaming arena in a residential enclave.


residential projects in Chennai

Jun 7

The Alliance Group is proud to be a part of some of the finest residential projects in Chennai.

Searching for that perfect living space in Chennai is a difficult task. Alliance Group of builders in Chennai has this problem completely solved for you. Look no further for plots in Chennai to build your perfect home or a luxurious living space in the form of villas and apartments by Alliance. Alliance projects are located in some of the most prominent parts of Chennai like Pallavaram, Oragadam, Anna Nagar and OMR and has easy access to schools, colleges, offices and all modern conveniences.

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Villas for sale in Chennai - Community Garden: A Villa Neighborhood Bonus!

Jun 6

Looking for Villas in Chennai? Humming Gardens Villas in OMR is your destination.

Buying a home, especially, a Villa in Chennai is not an easy job and it is a known fact. How many of us have wanted to buy the perfect homes for ourselves and our loved ones? Here is an easy way out. You will be among the few fortunate owners of Villas in Chennai.
Just look into Humming Gardens Villas in OMR. These Luxury Villas are located in the hub for IT majors to buy the perfect home. Two main reasons why this should be your first choice,
1. They are garden villas
2. These are Villas in OMR

Exclusive Villas in OMR
Like mentioned above, buying Villas in Chennai is not an easy task. The reason being that it is a rarity in Chennai. But ever since the launching of premium Villas in Chennai by leading quality developers, Villa connoisseurs have a wide range of Villas in Chennai to choose from. Of all the current available offers in Chennai, Humming Gardens; the Villas in OMR is a first choice preference.

Appreciation Potentials of Villas in OMR
The potential values of Villas in OMR is much greater than any other Villas in Chennai that you can think of. The demand for Villas in Chennai is far greater and much higher than the supply. And because of this, one tends to appreciate it better and faster than any apartment.
These Villas in OMR; Humming Gardens, stands much above the others of its kind for various innate reasons.

Amenities that make Humming Garden Villas in OMR stand out among the rest.
- These Villas in Chennai allow you to create your own hydroponic garden for you to grow your favourite flora in your own terraces and balconies.

- For those of you who don’t have an excuse to keep yourself fit and healthy, a 2km jogging track is available and will be a better way to execute your exercises outdoors.

- Coconut groves and mango orchards are a part of the greenery that also allow nature lovers to take a look out and do a little bit of bird watching and go mango hunting in the summers.

- South India’s largest Outdoor adventure gaming arena in a residential enclave is a first and the best. And to know that it is part of the Villas in OMR is a major attraction. Physical and quality activities can be a part of your few excuses to go outdoors and have fun.

These Villas in OMR is both smart on price and sizeable in value. Many have tasked themselves and grabbed their perfectly lux Villas in Chennai at Humming Gardens; Villas in OMR.
“Is it worth the price?” To this all I can say is, Villas in Chennai is worth it any day. After all, it is the time, effort, skill, talents, intelligence and care that go into our purchase. Phase I is sold out while Phase II is open for booking. Hurry now to grab your perfect style of living and be a part of the Villas in OMR.