villas in chennai - Pricey Mistakes Made By New Homeowners

Aug 13

7 Pricey Mistakes Made By New Homeowners

At last you are shifting to your new luxury apartments in Chennai; new life is waiting for you. Which may lead you to have lots of dreams with excitement and a little fear, of course; and if you are shifting for the first then the emotional factors will get quite higher. All these things can leads to make mistakes while buying and renovating your house which is quite common. So, here I am listing all the common mistakes made by the first time homeowners for you to avoid it.

1. Being too emotional while buying a new house:

Being emotional when buying a dream house is very common, but forgetting everything can become foolishness of anyone. People choose the luxury villas which they love and don’t see if it fits their budget or not and end up spending more or getting into debt. The homeowners even forget, if they spend all their money to buy that house, then how they are going to satisfy the extra expenses that may come along with it.

2. Too overwhelm that you don’t see your expenses:

The moment you enter your new house for the first time, thousands of ideas came into play to redesign it in your own way which leads to lots of shopping and as a result you happen to buy thousands of items which you actually don’t need. This is the most basic mistake which a new mover makes; they are so overwhelming about their new house that they don’t realize the expenses they are making.

3. Too quick to renovate:

The renovation starts on the very first day itself and the planning is totally based on the emotional choices and previous experience. But you forget that every house is different. Before you start renovating or redecorating the house you first live in that for some time or give a fine look to all the details such as where the sun is hitting, which part of the house is the calmest, what is the behaviour of family like coming from outside where they prefer to rest etc. all this will help you when you make your plans to change things.

4. Want to change everything:

Once we step into our new house we want to change every possible thing, the furniture, the decoration, the doors, the windows, even the walls. Already buying a gated community villas in Chennai will cost you too much and if you renovate it beyond the level it will cost you even more. I can understand buying a house is a very emotional moment in anyone’s life, but if possible plan the renovation according to your need and budget and not according to your emotion.

5. No research:

Research can help you to save lots of money. Do lots of research to find the cost-effective renovation, the best way is to ask your neighbour as they went through the same situation as you are in now. They can guide you and help you save money in a great possible way. They can tell you about their mistakes and what they did to overcome it and they can brief you about the most common issues which occur in that area, if you are planning for marble flooring you can ask their opinion to check whether the floor can uphold the weight of the marble or not, if it does not support then this information will save you the money on wasting in the marble.

And the most important advantage is that they can introduce you with the locality, so that you can find the cheapest item for your renovation.

6. Desperately change everything to modern:

Sometimes the desperation of changing the entire traditional things will lead you to lose some of the lifelong equipment. In olden houses, you can see the attached closet, which is so strong and made with a very good wood that it is not possible to make such a closet with today’s available engineered wood/plywood. If you want the same strength you need to buy costly woods like teakwood or rosewood. So it is better to have that old shelf to give your house a traditional touch than to forfeit the benefit of it just for the sake of modernization.

7. Underestimating costs:

Renovation job can cost you a lot and takes time too, so it is always better to keep some more amount above the anticipated budget to be on a safe side. This will save your extra cost of the work which can empty your saving if not done as shifting and renovating always cost more than it actually seems.


flats for sale -- Studio Apartment Décor & Designing Tips

Aug 9

Studio Apartment Décor & Designing Tips

Bought a Studio apartment? Do not worry because of its size. You just need to be creative to use your imagination and give your small space a lavishing look.

Studio apartment is also known as bachelor apartment, studio flats or efficiency apartments. The Studio apartments for sale has been increasing its popularity because it is less expensive, perfect for bachelors and Easy to clean. But due to lack of space, people find it difficult to décor it to the fullest, so here I am sharing a few tips to make use of every inch of your flat and keep things light, functional and above all to give it the style it deserve.

1. Use a creative Room Divider to Define Your Space:

A divider can act like a wall and give your studio flat rooms to differentiate its functions.

  • Curtain: The curtain is the easiest way to make a divider in your house. You can put the curtain to separate the bedroom or dining room to the living room.
  • Movable wall: You can use the movable wall to build a separation according to the need.
  • Glass: Use sliding or folding Glass partition or normal glass itself to get a dynamic and flexible space separation.
  • Sliding wooden doors: Make a false wall with sliding PVC, plywood as a room divider.
  • Metal: Metal-mesh panels used as a separation knack for beds or furnitures.
  • Double-Duty Dividers: In a small space room better to choose a multifunctional asset which can work as a divider as well as other functions too such as shelve, furniture etc
  • Bookshelf: As said above, in a single room you cannot afford to have accessories with single functionality, hence use your bookshelf for dividing your room.
  • Furniture: Arranging your furniture to create a division between areas.
  • Rugs: Why dividing only vertically even your floor needs division, divide two rooms with rugs, carpet or paints.
2. Make space for your Closet:

The closet may take some space but it will definitely helpful to clear off the cluttering from the apartment.

  • Build it yourself: It is hard to find space for your normal closet. Create your own open customised fitted closet through the wall. This closet is an open type closet with racks in different levels to keep more clothes
  • Headboard: You can be creative to hang your clothes as a headboard above your bed to give your room a colourful touch.
  • Create a Walk-in Closet: If you have a little more space you can give it for your small closet room by creating a wall to separate it. It all depends upon your style and preferences.
  • Hideaway Closet: You can install a hideaway Closet to hide all of the clutter such as small furniture, to make the space feel more neat and clean.
3. Bed Myth-it takes most of your space:

Bed being the most important furniture of your house takes most of your space and leaves you with adjustment but not anymore; check these tips to change your belief

  • Turn Your Bed into a Daybed: This bed can be use as a couch at day time and bed at night
  • Foldable bed: foldable bed is the amazing way to have a big bed without consuming much space.
  • Suspended bed: Elevate the bed and give yourself more space underneath to keep other essentials
  • Hide the half: You can partially hide the bed in the closed cabinet and use the other half as a couch.
  • Hide it under the floor: Elevate the kitchen floor by making a false floor and hide the bed underneath
  • Drop-leaf tables: To use the table only when needed.
  • Bespoke cabinetry and joinery: A customised wooden joinery and cabinet to use the corner too.
  • Focus on Double-Duty Furniture: Like bed with storage unit, storage bench, Shelf as room divider, dresser as bedside table, Build in desk in bookshelf, a Combo-box of all the furniture in one unit etc
  • Storage: Think more of storage unit to reduce clutters. Such as full wall shelves, hanging shelves, Dual side shelf,
  • Down-sized pieces: Eliminate excess furniture and keep only what is necessary.
  • Movable wall in combination with folding wall bed: Nothing can be more interesting than this to transform the entire apartment. It’s amazing have a foldable bed with a wall with attached shelf to conceal it beautifully
4. Final thought:

I would like to conclude the design solutions for space challenged studio flat with the ideas of other furniture which you can effectively used in your small space.

  • Drop-leaf tables: To use the table only when needed.
  • Bespoke cabinetry and joinery: A customised wooden joinery and cabinet to use the corner too.
  • Focus on Double-Duty Furniture: Like bed with storage unit, storage bench, Shelf as room divider, dresser as bedside table, Build in desk in bookshelf, a Combo-box of all the furniture in one unit etc
  • Storage: Think more of storage unit to reduce clutters. Such as full wall shelves, hanging shelves, Dual side shelf,
  • Down-sized pieces: Eliminate excess furniture and keep only what is necessary.


Flats in chennai - Fun Things To Do when Home Alone and Bored

Aug 4

Fun Things To Do when Home Alone and Bored

Everyone die to be home alone, but once they are, they literally wanna die. In a serious note, even people always want to be home alone, but they never plan what actually want to do at that moment. And as a result, you get bored within hours of being alone in your apartments in Chennai.

There are hundreds of different entertainment options which you can do when you are home alone or getting bored. Let’s discuss a few which can help you in your bore hours.


1. Pamper yourself

When your house is full of people you may do not have got a chance of pampering yourself. You can take the opportunity of being home alone. Taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do in your free time.


(a) Try new look:

Got bored of your look? Give an attempt to change it a little bit. Try different hair style you admire whether it is a pony tail, bun, or plaits. Or just a little change in the way you wear your scarf.

Or get a temporary look, say if you always wear salwar try some of your mother’s saree on that day. If you do not know how to drape a saree, nothing will be better than to learn a new thing.

Or copy your favourite stars. Wear clumsy dresses and flaunt yourself. Remember, it is your day and nobody is there to judge you.

(b) Click pictures of yourself

Without any doubts, selfies are mandatory with all those new trials. Share it in social media checks others opinion on your new look.

(c) Little workout

Do a little exercise, aerobic, yoga, meditation anything you like. Check online videos and copy a few of it. It will engage you for some time, but if you liked it you can do it every day.

(d) Try different face mask

Taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do. With all those pollution and stressful weekdays you spent outside can be bartered with one day of rest. Give yourself the full attention whenever you are home alone. Detoxify your face with face mask, steaming or apply cream to make it glow.

(e) Shop online:

Give yourself a treat. Buy something online whatever you like. If you do not have anything in particular, then just scroll down some of the pages of e-commerce sites definitely you will end up liking something.

(f) Cook or Bake

This is the time to show your talent in cooking. And if your mother does not prepare anything for you, then take it as an excuse to give it a try. Do not get scared of the failure. If it does not come out well, clean the area like you never had cooked.

(g) Sleep:

If you are being very lazy to do any of these and need just to relax, then go for a long sleep. Sleeping is a very good remedy to get out from all your stress.


2. Entertain yourself:

(a) Try musically:

Musically is trending day by day. If you have never tried it before, then this is the right time to start it. Copy your favourite actors or your favourite songs and become a model of your own social media page.

(b) Watch a movie

This is the most common thing people do whenever they are home alone. Check what is featured in television. Or download some of your favourite old movies to rewind your memory.

(c) Watch funny video online

Laughter not only will help you to divert your mind, but also effective in burning calories. And who does not want to be fit without working hard.

(d) Sing songs

The bathroom singer inside you can work its talent when you are home alone. Sing as loud as you can, full house is yours.

(e) Listen songs

If you do not want to sing, you can play your favourite music and listen whole day.

(f) Throw a party

Now when you already started with the singing, let’s add some dance to create a concert environ in your small flats in Chennai

(g) Play video game

You can spend your whole day playing video game. Better get a game online and play with a person from another corner of the world.

(h) Read a novel

If you are a bookworm, then there is no need to find your happiness anywhere. Just dig yourself in a novel until anybody comes.


3. Do Productive

Being home alone does not mean you should only find the excuses to waste your time. Let’s see how you can utilize it in a productive manner.

(a) Cleaning

Clean your room, do the laundry, organize your room’s cupboard and throw the waste outside. In this way you can give your parents a shock. Obviously, no parents would ever think that there kid can be this productive when left home alone.

(b) Paint

Give a try to paint some basic things. Or maybe your own portray? Colours will bring your thoughts in the white paper.  You will be amazed to see the beautiful outcome of your new talent.

(c) Try some DIY home décor

Make some DIY with the waste product of your house. Like using papers, wood, stick, etc.

(d) Learn something new

You are never too old to learn new things. See some youtube videos. Whether it is about to increase your educational skills or normal day to day activities. Once learnt will be helpful for years.


4. Catch up

Last but not the least; catch up with the friends or relatives with whom you have not talked for long. Have an hour long conversation or plan to meet them someday to tell your life updates


affordable house in chennai -Affordable housing scheme in India

Jul 28

Affordable housing scheme in India

The biggest dream of everyone here in India is to own a house. Owning a home is pride, and for some, it is a need. But still, half of the population is hunting for an own residence. On having the report, the Government proposed a solid Idea – The “Affordable housing scheme” to bring affordable homes for the low-income group in India.
As India has many numbers of low and middle group people, who cannot afford to buy their own home. Under the launch of the Affordable housing  scheme by the government, people are getting the shelter – being the third most important necessity after food and clothes.

1. Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY): 2015

PMAY is an NDA government’s flagship Affordable housing scheme implementing in between 2015-2022, aiming for ‘Housing For All’. This scheme is divided into 4 parts


(a) In-situ slum redevelopment (ISSR):

Under this scheme the government uses the land of the slum dweller to make a house for them. The scheme has leveraged by the large number of slum area in India. With the private partnership with the eligible slum dweller, the government can use to develop their slum land to make affordable houses.

(b) Credit-linked subsidy scheme (CLSS): 

Under this scheme, Credit-linked subsidy will be provided to the EWS Economically Weaker Section (EWS) and Low Income Group (LIG) on Home loans. The subsidy is provided on both for buying or constructing of house to the urban poor

  • EWS with the annual Household Income Up to Rs.3 lakh/annum and house sizes upto the carpet area of 30 sq.m. Upto loan amount 6 lakh at 6.5 interest subsidy.
  • LIG with the annual Household Income from 3 lakh to Rs. 6 lakh/annum and house size upto the carpet area of 60 sq.m. Upto loan amount 6 lakh at 6.5 interest subsidy.

(c) Affordable housing in partnership (AHP):

Under this scheme, Affordable house are provided to the EWS groups with financial assistance from with different partnerships by States/UTs/Cities with the private sector. Each EWS house gets Rs. 1.5 Lakh Central Assistance when at least 35% of the total constructed houses are for EWS category.

(d) Subsidy for Beneficiary-led individual house construction/enhancement. 

Under this scheme, a subsidy is provided to EWS category people to construct or renovate their existing houses. Assistance of ₹ 1.5 lakh per family is provided for new construction.


2. Rajiv Awas Yojna: (2011)

Rajiv Awas Yojana (RAY) is an affordable housing scheme announced in 2009 aiming for a “Slum Free India”.This affordable housing scheme includes:

a. The slum properties are used to make apartments for the slum land owner.
b. Encourages the state and union territories (UT) to bring all illegal constructions within a formal system.
c. Affordable housing in partnership (AHP) with the States & UTs. Each EWS house gets Rs. 75,000 Central Assistance for house sizes upto the carpet area of 21 to 40 sq.m when at least 250 dwelling units of the total construction project.


3. Interest Subsidy for Housing the Urban Poor (ISHUP): 2009

This scheme mandates subsidy of 5% p.a in interest on housing loans upto Rs. 1.00 lakh loan amount to the EWS and LIG as part of credit.

Under this affordable housing scheme, the Minister for Housing and Urban Poverty included the Regional Rural Banks (RRBs), Private & public sector Banks and Self Help Groups (SHGs) for expanding credit flow to the housing sector.

This scheme also encourages the poor sections (EWS & LIG) to avail for housing loan facilities.


4. National Urban Housing & Habitat Policy: (2007)

The core focus of this Policy is supply of “Affordable Housing For All” with special emphasis on low income sections of society such the urban poor, SC/ST, BC and Minorities.

It promotes and accelerates the development of cost-effective & quality approved building by the use of modern technologies. And special Provision given to Women to own a house.


5. Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM): 2005

JNNURM is a city modernisation scheme has two components

  1. Basic Services for Urban poor (BSUP)
  2. Integrated Housing and Slum Development Programme (IHSDP): development of slums by providing affordable houses with basic amenities

There are many real estate company making affordable apartments in Chennai for encouraging the middle class group to buy their own house.

The Central government is coming up with so many affordable housing schemes to balance the demand and supply of the houses. Apart from that, many State Governments like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Gujarat etc are also encouraging EWS, low and middle income groups to afford houses either by loan subsidy, rental benefits or by constructing affordable houses.