Villas in OMR Chennai - Best Schools Near Your Villa in OMR

Sep 16

Best Schools for an excellent educational system in OMR, Chennai

The growing buds need a good knowledge for leading a gratified life in the future. Chennai is a big metro city that we would find difficult in making navigation even on the maps. Therefore, how could we find the best educational institutes in Chennai, and travel long to learn exhaustedly? Most of the schools in Chennai are grasping the exploration and delivering an excellent knowledge on eight hours of routine.

Catch up with the OMR, the rapidly expanding suburban in Chennai. Moreover, the colossal hub for many industrials developing companies worldwide. If you have your habitat there and are you searching for an excellent school in OMR Chennai? We have browsed to list out the great educational system in your nearest localities.

These well-established cataloged best schools staged and gained popularity by cultivating an improved educational phenomenon in the educational system near to the Humming Gardens Villas in OMR.

1. SANGFORD SCHOOLS – (Innovation In Education)

Address: 27, 5th Main Road, CBI Colony, Kandanchavadi, CHENNAI – 600096.

Phone: 9840639084, 9940629727


Sangford is a highly reputed school with unique teaching formulas. They focus on building up the extraordinary skills, knowledge and attitude. They are well versed in ranking the pupil to score positive grades in examinations. The main motto behind the whole team’s attempt is to practice, preparation, extension and creative. The school outlined a unique teaching technique planned by the NAEYC, USA (National Association for the Education of Young Children).


Address: OMR Campus, DLF Garden City, Thazhambur, (off OMR), Chennai – 600130

Phone: 044- 48517880 / 7898 / 7901


The Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Millennium School educational institutions have a group of branches in all main cities of Tamilnadu and other states. They follow the CBSE pattern of our educational system in their teachings. It was a well-planned infrastructure and an upgraded technological learning therapy. The school is not only on the view of learning the syllabus but also they focus on tutoring the skillful extra-curricular activities. One of the best schools you are searching for in OMR.

3. SISHYA OMR SCHOOL – (Aspire And Excel)

Address: CLM Sishya OMR School, Rajiv Gandhi Salai (OMR), Thuraipakkam, Chennai-600 097

Phone: +91-44-49503325


The vision was emerging from the dedication and perseverance towards learning and exploring of knowledge. Sishya provides the quality education with a professional take off in all other campus activities. The educational excellence and endeavors are wide to talk about and was with a technologically advanced evolution.

4. HIRANANDANI UPSCALE SCHOOL (HUS) – Looking Forward To Turn Vision Into Reality

Address: 5/63, Old Mahabalipuram Road, Opp Sipcot IT Park, Egattur Village, Padur P.O. Kelambakkam, via Kanchipuram Dist., Chennai – 600130.

Phone: +91 7358000736/37/38


Hiranandani, a well-entrenched real estate brand developers in Mumbai, branched out their wings in Chennai by establishing an international standard school. They follow a special set of balanced learning and academic combination made them stand out with excellence. The co-curricular opportunities are encouraged with more training. One of the best schools you can pick up.


Address: IB (PYP, MYP) World School, TOD Ashram, Jabakadal Street, Padur, Kazhipattur Post, OMR, Kelambakkam, Chennai – 603 103.

Phone: + 91 – 8608117700, + 91 – 7871666333


The innovative expansion of this organization is meeting up with their future visionaries. They occupy the developmental approach for students to have a learning process. Their proposed technologies are helpful in making experienced discoveries and strong inputs to the student’s knowledge. Predominantly, the school is holding up a potential achievement in a long run.

6. APL GLOBAL SCHOOL – Academy For Personalized Learning

Address: No 697/3, Anand Nagar Main Road, Okkiyam Thoraipakkam, Chennai 600 097, India

Phone: (044) 4076 1199


They accord an imported and international standard of knowledge. The school ensures an effective and efficient educational model. An experienced and flexible approach with personalized care drives the children to accomplish. It can be the best school environment for a gratified education.


Address: Akshara Matriculation Hr. Sec School, Okkiyam Thorapakkam, Gokilambal Nagar, P.T.C Quarters, Chennai-600 097.

Phone: +91 8012518205, 8754422869, + 91 – 044 – 24581722

The school is best for any people from the society. They financially support the students for their education. The school equipped with all the well-developed facilities, the intelligence and brilliance of the students is the only focus. They also run a charity for students who come from the economically backward community. They also arrange some tuition classes after the school to guide and encourage people with care.


Address: Jeppiaar Nagar, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Semmencherry, Chennai – 600 119.

Phone: +91 44 24502051, +91 44 24502052


The best school to expand your knowledge and skill, and a safe environment for your children. They encourage the pupil to learn the self-learning discipline, a happy, friendly and positive circle to grab disciplined education. They celebrate diversity in culture, values and language in their learning ambience. Cultivate the cognizant of your kids from the nutritious fields.

OMR is the best hub for IT organizations, as well as one of the best places in Chennai to own a home. We trust this list will enable you to pick the best school for your children when you to move to your new home in OMR.

Let our kids master the education and stay a disciplined life!


flats in pallavaram - Ideas to Create an Office in Your Apartment

Sep 16

Ideas to Create an Office in Your Apartment

Looking for a separate space to create an office in your apartment will help you to live constructively in a cozy environment. The main crisis arises when your flat doesn’t come up with separate space to convert it into offices. Whether you may move to a new loft or change things in your present apartment, it is better to think brilliantly without breaking the dividers to create an office in your apartment.

1. Find Your Exact Spotlight

Even though you are used to the place of your flat, just have a glance of each and every room of your apartment once again. Check out for the space in which you might haven’t used such as storage rooms, cupboards or some empty space. Even though the place doesn’t look large enough to convert it into an office space, you may feel shocked if you have done it.

2. Select Appropriate Lighting

Above all, it is important to choose clear lightings in your apartment and also especially in your office space, because it’s where people practice reading in it. If you have tried reading in dim light then you would have come to know that it can be harmful to your eyes. If you strain yourself for a long time it may cause you a headache which won’t allow you to complete your work. Before placing any furniture it is better to think about light sources. It’s a good idea to have your office near sunlight spread into your space during the daytime which makes you proactive. If space allows, you could have a night lamp to read the words clearly.

3. Choose a right desk

The worst part is if you are setting up an office is when your furniture which is a little wider than the place which you choose. Calculate the size of the area before purchasing anything so there is no need of carrying huge stuff to the shop. You could make use of existing furniture to modify the room to an office in your apartment. If you keep your office near cupboards, use the floor as table to keep few items which take lots of space on your work space. Keep your papers, notepads and envelopes aligned properly by keeping it in drawers below the desk. Don’t need to think too much about decorating as you might have some photos, flowers and statues which give the feel of being at home rather work.

Galleria Residences, apartments in Pallavaram are well constructed with various sizes, but the unique one is that every room has a different outlook. Transforming part of your existing place into a workplace which you can feel comfortable working from your home and to study in a disturbance free environment and to concentrate on your deadline. Even if you don’t have a plan of taking your work along with you to your home at times you feel to take away laptop from lap and place it on the desk. If you have a plan of moving to a new flat, then you can easily judge by asking for a floor plan before you visit. Just decide where you can place your office so that you feel good at home.


Developers in Chennai - Chennai’s Urban Housing Sector

Jul 26

Chennai’s Urban Housing Sector – An Overview

Almost everybody today wants to live in cities because of all the opportunities provided in there. Chennai, currently with over 8.5 Million people is one of them. India’s fourth largest city after Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, Chennai has been phenomenally growing as a hub of sectors such as manufacturing, retail, healthcare and IT sectors in the main, in the last 2 decades. Chennai remains a city with great potential for industrial growth, economic feasibilities, quality infrastructure and Governments committed to promoting trade and commerce. It continues to attract people from different parts of the State, country and the world. As an increasing number of businesses, including Multinational majors make Chennai home, the city lures more people to it. Need for homes rise directly proportionate to the rise in the working population in Chennai. Hence, the housing sector has developed very fast in these years to match these demands.

Rising Population And Rising Demand For Housing Sector

Clearly, with rising population the need for houses rise too. Demand for both, houses for rent and ownership continue soaring as Chennai keeps expanding. It is good news for you if you are an investor that seeks returns from rentals. Rest assured of returns on investment in quality residential properties in prime locations. Find below for some great options available for you.
As per a Cushman & Wakefield Report, Chennai’s demand for housing stands at around 444000 units in the period of 2016-2020 and supply stands at a mere 97,000 units. That said, it is equally important to note that market do not absorb properties that fail to demonstrate value for buyers. People refuse to buy properties that are priced higher than their expectations. Similarly, people do not buy houses built in locations that do not serve their purposes. Developers find it financially unfeasible to build affordable housing because funds, land and development come at a high cost. So they find it difficult to build small units at locations close to city centres without hurting their returns.

Developers That Meet Expectations

With the introduction of some measures such as demonetization and GST, a section of people expect to see a shift from the Middle Income Group (MIG) and the High Income Group (MIG) housing to the Low Income Group (LIG) housing currently and in the future. Find below for value-for-money houses.

Socially committed Developers in Chennai stay at the forefront of the movement toward improving the quality of housing for all sections of people. The developers are investing a lot to make a safe and decent place and which is affordable to the people too. The one who have succeeded in building a quality structure at a low and moderate-income housing are more in demand today in the urban housing sector. Market receives the developers who uses their energy and efficiency Market receives the developers which use their efficiencies and energies to create an affordable house rather than those that lack professional expertise in managing their resources effectively to create quality, affordable, urban housing sector communities.


luxury villas and apartments in Chennai - What Makes Luxury Villas And Apartments In Chennai Different From The Regular Ones?

Jul 18

What Makes Luxury Villas And Apartments In Chennai Different From The Regular Ones?

We cannot answer that question without answering what “luxury” and “regular” mean. What is your understanding of “luxury”? The word denotes “something that is not essential, but provides pleasure and comfort”.

It also means “something that is desirable but expensive or hard to obtain or do”. Luxury is considered an indulgence rather than a necessity. It denotes the state of being in which you have a plentiful supply of material goods, comforts and pleasures that are beyond the reach of most people in general.

Having said that, it is easy to understand what luxury villas and apartments mean. They are those that offer you more than the essentials and bare minimum necessities a standard shelter is expected to provide.

Alliance, one of the leading Real Estate Developers in Chennai, currently offers over 3 gated communities of luxury villas in Chennai. Of the three, Orchid Springss in Padi, a lakefront luxury apartment near Anna Nagar, facing Korattur lake has ready-to-move-in apartments for sale as we speak. Whereas, Alliance Galleria Residences; a landmark development of luxury apartments in Pallavaram, stays under construction. It is open for bookings now.

Alliance has over 2 projects of luxury villas in Chennai for sale at present. They include Alliance Humming Gardens, on OMR and Alliance Villa Belvedere; DTCP approved Villa plots in Oragadam. All of the above provide “luxury”. The question is what makes them luxury villas and apartments in Chennai?

If we take Galleria Residences, for example, they are apartments without a common wall between individual units. Now, that’s sheer luxury. How? While you get dime a dozen regular apartments out there, one sticking to the other, separated only by a thin common wall between them, Galleria Residences stand apart as no-common-wall apartments.

The benefits are obvious. These apartments compare with independent houses or villas that open to plenty of breathing space on all three sides except the entrance attached to the corridor. In effect, you get plenty of fresh air and natural light flowing in from all three sides into your apartment. Isn’t that luxury? That’s a desired comfort which ordinary, regular apartments do not give you. There are many more luxuries these apartments in Pallavaram offer you. (Click here  for details).

Similarly, Alliance Humming Gardens; the luxury Villas in OMR, Chennai, gives you the comforts that ordinary villas do not. It comes with features such as South India’s largest Outdoor games arena in a villa enclave ever (click here  for more).

These are luxury villas in OMR for more reasons than one. The landscaped gardens and green environment of over 30 acres in which it is set makes it a cut above the ordinary. These luxury villas in OMR are designed to become a landmark in OMR. The enclave is packed with exciting features (Find out more here).